Has the Stock Market Bottomed? | Six signals to a market crash recovery.

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Has the stock exchange correction/ crash bottomed out? In this upgrade, we look at six market indicators that can help you end up being a better financier.

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Has the Bottomed? | Six signals to a market crash recovery.

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About the Author: Richard Money


  1. It can’t be done yet, interest rates are still at intense levels, the economy is still in a recession, etc. Indicators and technical analysis can’t really do much when the external environment is uneasy

  2. The markets hit a big moving average. The range between the 180 and 200 week moving averages for the NAS has been huge. Last time it broke below was 2008. Think about that. The SPY is in a critical range as well. The Fed is about to tip the markets completely over if they don’t slow down on the rate hikes. We are still in a downtrend. We might see a relatively big rebound but we are in trouble. I’d also say, real estate and the auto industry are going to completely get smashed in the next 6 months. Bond markets are targeting 4.5% short term now.

  3. Thanks as always Marc. I continue to dollar cost average but now much slower as the dip may be deeper and more prolonged. My alternative was initially 90 day GIC ladders. I have since decided the recovery will be longer and have put a substantial part of my portfolio into 2 year GIC ladders at 4.3-4.4% while nibbling at purchases on the dips. Keep up the great work. Much appreciated by many.

    1. Thank you. These are challenging times for many investors, but I wish you well. Thanks for watching. – Marc

  4. Thanks for the video Marc. very informational. very scary moment for my portfolio, so its a good knowledge to obtain.

  5. There is a decent possibility of some serious head winds with liquidity moving forward. UK was the first to buckle and inject more liquidity into the market to the tune of 65 billion pounds and at the same time the government cuts taxes so people have more cash to spend. This is similar to what Canada and the US did, except we haven’t added liquidity yet. Us and Canada are just starting their portfolio draw downs. If north america reverses course, we could be in for some very wild times. Both our debts have ballooned and income is shrinking. Who doesn’t like a wild ride? 😎

  6. hmm, 10yr and 2yr is what i was taught, interesting with the 3month, currently i think we need capitulation, when the market pukes, retailers sell on a few massive down days with a vix spike.maybe we see a squeeze or chop to take the oct. puts out then down but still think something very nasty coming still in 23

    1. I’d love to see a real spike in the VIX, for sure. At this point, I’d say hold on for the ride. – Marc

  7. During this recent crash/correction combined with aggressive interest rate hikes, I’ve been wondering if paying down high interest debt like putting money towards a mortgage is better than investing or staying invested if the markets are going to be like this for the foreseeable future with doom and gloom, recession etc going on

    1. The classic dilemma. Depends on your overall picture, such as how much other debt you have, how much you have invested already, your age, etc. Usually, it’s balancing things out that works. All the best. – Marc

  8. I’ve been through a few of these down turns. Sure it’s hard to watch the pull back but if you zoom out at the chart, this is just another bump in the road. I have turned on most of my drips which will purchase more blue chips securities at a nice 20% discount. In time, (year or two) I’m sure it I will be pleased with that decision.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Will. Sounds like you’re thinking logically and have your strategy in place. All the best. – Marc

  9. I always look forward to these videos. The wild card in the economy these days is that we’ve never had a government in power whose goal was to actually destroy major parts of the economy. Short term “missions” to extract some funds from the market might be the best strategy for the next couple of years. Traditional long term investors are in for some soul-killing agony.

    1. Thanks. I agree there may be rough waters ahead. As Frankie McDonald would say, “BE PREPARED”! 😲- Marc

    2. I’m still in cash, Marc, and beating the market, even after taking inflation and dividends into consideration. Note: I have shorted stocks in the past, and usually made good money off those trades, but my broker (Qtrade) is biased against short selling. They forced me out of two short trades a few years back, even though their trading algorithm allowed me to make the trades. I simply decided to not do much short selling, if any, so haven’t gone there …. yet.

  10. Great video. Quantitative tightening is just starting to ramp up. Fed is still raising interest rates. That means earning recession and pulling money out of the economy. I think theres still a lot of pain to come.

    Thats why I love inverse etfs. The more the market goes down, the more money you make!

    1. lol… I didn’t realize it was a series!!! 🙂 I felt like an update was in order, but yes, I’ll probably incorporate more of these into my videos. Thanks so much. – Marc

  11. Strong video as always, Mark, but I think there’s only one indicator which matters: when rates stop rising faster than expected or they stop/reverse. 😛

    Of course a sign of that to come is if inflation stops (in US the month over month inflation has already stopped last 2 months). But Powell and company only appear to be using the extremely lagging indicator of year over year… Ugh

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