Has the Stock Market Bottomed? SEP 2023 Update | SIX signals to a market crash recovery.

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The marketplaces dropped a lot in September, but are they heading back to the lows they saw in late 2022? This video reviews 6 indications that may help you respond to that question.

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Has the Stock Market Bottomed? SEP 2023 Update | SIX signals to a market crash recovery.

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About the Author: Richard Money


    1. It is actually a great opportunity to buy stocks that have fallen. Banks, split fund shares are down, so buying them now, before they recover. I did a buy on FTN and ENS today. Both are still paying a monthly dividend, and have been recovering. BUY BUY BUY

      There is one way you can greatly reduce your risk if you are not comfortable buying stocks. You could buy investment ETFs such as CASH, PSA, CMR etc. The ETFs stay rather flat at around $50/share and pay a monthly dividend around 0.2. Your capital remains the same and you collect monthly dividends that you can either spend or reinvest.

    2. @Smozzle19
      If you still think stocks are going to fall more, then sure… wait.
      Some of the stocks I bought have been recovering. The market will recover as it has done for over 100 years.

    3. @valveman12 not sure banks, utilities, REITs, or consumer staples are a wise idea at the moment…but there may be opportunities in commodities, industrials, and materials. Just my opinion…good luck!

  1. I have been expecting more pain so the recent downturn is not that surprising. I want the bottom to be in but I just can’t believe fully that it is in. Although, I think if we do have a bottom, it may exclude tech, they will drop but not to the lows they experienced last year.

  2. Thanks Marc for the video, please bring one video comparing all these 6 matrix in a true bull market scenario as you promised before. Thanks,

  3. It’s been a while, but wanted to stop by and say hi and hope all is going well Marc… I especially enjoy this “Has the Stock Market Bottomed” series and this update delivered as usual. As for my opinion on where things stand… I’m not as advanced in my analysis, so no strong opinion on a new low being reached, but I can say I’ve been feeling pretty bearish the past few months. If time has taught me anything, it’s that I’m almost always early with my calls. We’ll see how it goes this time, but I continue to be bearish, while acknowledging short term rallies always a possibility. Heck, anything is possible at any time TBH.
    BTW… I’ll be sure to sign up for your newsletter. Thanks!

  4. Hi Marc, first off, I have thoroughly enjoyed this series, thank you for taking the time each month to look at these metrics. What I am curious about but do not hear much about is how COVID has affected the job market and why we are seeing such resilience in it. I believe there was such an increase in folks retiring sooner than they were planning on due to COVID that this is the reason for that resilience. Baby boomers were supposed to be a huge job market adjustment without COVID but with COVID, there is just less people to do the work now. Curious about your thoughts. Thanks

  5. Used to think investors lose out amid crash, meanwhile some make profits, I also thought folks went out of business during the great depression, but some went into biz. Bottom line, same time there’s a crash, there’s cash flow too, depends on your level of preparation.

  6. I think IWM finishes its daily wave 3 to ~164, wave 4 bounce to ~177, wave 5 drop to ~161, taking it to within pennies of its Monthly Wave 1 high, then starts its wave 5 monthly run higher, up to ATHs. So we’re close to the bottom. Some more shake.

  7. Great stuff once again, Marc…thank you!
    Earnings start to get reported this month, would there be any virtue if every three quarters you added a seventh metric showing how many companies hit or beat their predicted earnings?
    Keep up the great work!

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