Has the Stock Market Bottomed? MAY 2023 Update | SIX signals to a market crash recovery.

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The Nasdaq continues to climb up, however the total stock market continues to be unstable. Is the worst behind us? Where are we in the cycle? This video will share 6 market signals that may help you manage your investments better.


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Has the Stock Market Bottomed? MAY 2023 Update | SIX signals to a market crash recovery.

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  1. 📈📚 Join The Investing Academy ➤ https://bit.ly/theinvestingacademy

    Do you think we’ve seen the worst of the stock market correction that began last year? The Nasdaq has been on a tear in 2023, but the other markets haven’t kept up. In this video, I’ll update the six market signals that you can use to help you manage your investment portfolios.

  2. Just wait until the market realizes the correction in inflation is complete and we’re in a bull market of inflation😂

  3. It is concerning that the US is having trouble agreeing on increasing the Debt Limit. If there is no decision soon, I think we will see a crash.

    1. No doubt a failure to come to a deal will impact the market, probably quite profoundly. We’re getting close to that finish line. Cheers. – Marc

  4. Thanks again for these reviews Marc . I can’t knock my personal advisor but I don’t get these informative reviews, much appreciated

    1. Thanks, Will. Glad this complements your discussions with your advisor! – Marc

  5. Excellent video 📹! Excellent showing us all your analysis of the markets so that we can understand and later do our own homework! … My only add … is maybe calm because the market currently believes the central bank will no longer raise interest rates because of the rather strong trepidations around banks limiting business loans overall and so negating another rise and even that it may go down before end of year. I actually am not in this boat and think another quarter point is going to come sometime this year before goes down only in 2024. But then, I’m not in the majority, so ….! Anyway, thanks for a really great video! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    1. Thank you for watching and for taking the time to leave your well thought out comment. Cheers. – Marc

    1. You bet… would love to see the inflation numbers stabilize at a lower level. – Marc

  6. Thank you very much for that video! The S&P500’s stock to GDP ratio value is still way above 100%. I feel like this is a clear case of bear trap. We’ll only know this Fall if we’ve hit the bottom or not. I think we have ways to go actually.

    1. Good points. The coming months should tell us a lot, through into the fall. Let’s see what happens. – Marc

  7. Looking at the rolling downward trend in my portfolio, the downs and ups are more subdued…so I think, just from that, that things are settling down. My nadir was in late Feb.

  8. The best time to know when the market is up or not, is, after it has happened. All others are guess works. for an investor, once decided their risk level and time horizon, stay put, unless something major change in your life. Do some adjustments and re balancing when necessary. Always if money available start nibbling in to market as it is down now. Your videos has been very educative to the people who are interested in managing their own investments and they have the time and patience and with out emotion to market swings. I think for an average guys busy with their profession and life leave the investment to the professionals. when in doubt ask the professionals. Thanks again for great videos.

  9. Some more great analysis. I may not know how it is going to turn out though I think my best hypothesis is in line with yours. However, I do sometimes if the uniqueness of the current market conditions may just show us something we are not guessing.

    1. Thanks for commenting. Possible, but my jaded history having heard that argument so many times has me sticking with the ‘it’s not different this time’ scenario. 🙂 One of these times it will be true, though, I’m sure! – Marc

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