Has the Stock Market Bottomed? FEBRUARY 2023 Update | SIX signals to a market crash recovery.

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The stock markets continue their strong performance in 2023. Is the correction finally over? Have we reached a bottom? Here are 6 upgraded signals you can use to assist you spot the when the marketplaces are all set to recover.


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Has the Stock Market Bottomed? FEBRUARY 2023 Update | SIX signals to a market crash recovery.

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About the Author: Richard Money


  1. I totally agree with your statement to keep investing. Just be cautious, think things through. Unfortunately we need to start pulling our head out of the sand and admit we are in a recession. That will take pressures off the non-informative “media”. There is nothing wrong in a recession, it is a market swing no matter how you look at it. Be smart and not negative, because that will only cause stomach acid. We have gone through worst storms and we will weather this one too. My main concern is the lay-off numbers. We all know there is a percentage of people that pull out of the “unemployment status”.

  2. Your commitment to stay factual and professionalism continues to amaze me, certainly a one of the best content creators in the Investment world. Please keep going with the excellent job.

  3. before watching, I predict that the market is showing some signs of future recovery. that we are in bottom territory!

    I say that mainly because I see the curves going up…but not very steeply. more gradual.

  4. Has it been another month already? Wow… well I’m still convinced we haven’t seen the bottom, but also the more green I see the more I think this might not even be typical of what we’ve seen in the past and how it might be one more anomaly, a little like the pandemic drop where no metric will be able to explain how it went down in history.

  5. to prepare for the recession I plan on reinvesting all dividends back into dividend paying good companies..prime the pump for the happy days to come where dividends and growth will be a thing again.

  6. I noted around the 5:40 point of your video that the 200-day EMA has now actually turned upward. It did similarly last April before failing and turning down again, but it’s definitely a positive sign. I’m fully invested now, though I remain watchful and nimble.

  7. Thanks for the update,Marc. 🤔 I expect that we’ve not seen a bottom just yet. It’s a little perplexing to see such strong employment numbers (as we have in Canada ) while at the same time hearing so much talk of the imminent recession. To my knowledge,strong employment and recessions haven’t ever really coexisted in past cycles. I haven’t personally changed my equity investment at all,but I haven’t been adding much new money recently because even short term GICs are paying quite a sensible % right now without the volatility.

  8. You are wrong with a yield curve. Recession usually occurs when a yield curve returns to a positive territory and the market bottom during the recession. As yield curve returns to a positive territory, recession would soon follows then the market drops and bottoms 6 month later.

  9. This is just the beginning of layoffs, need to give it until end of year for the effects, as well as the interest rates will start to come back down end of year if this works out.

  10. Great points Marc. Who knows eh. All I do know is if you have a longer time horizon for your investments, then anytime how is a great buying opportunity. I’m surprised to hear your 80% in equities which mirrors my feelings on leaving investments onto my family when I’m done with them. Hopefully that doesn’t sound too morbid lol.

  11. Great vid! CPI and PPI data have also come out a bit worse than expected so the fed won’t be cutting rates anytime soon which is bad for growth

  12. Hey I enjoy your videos of the both of you. Going back you had mentioned maybe helping older investors as a separate channel have you thought any more about this. Wonder if your academy would help me structure my portfolio according to age and goals. Help with taxes and finally retirement planning? I’m about 10 to 12 from retirement and don’t have a huge foundation.
    Anxious to hear your thoughts?

  13. Marc, keeping it real, 👍letting people know that your data does not mean to stop investing altogether! I use stockchart indicators added to your indicators to wait for a buy signal. I am waiting for more pullback to top up some of my existing plays. Patience, control that sense of urgency, believe me it will pay off most of the time. If you have dividend paying investment vehicles, let those dividends Flow and the cash Grow for when it is time to pull the trigger on the ones you have been waiting for. By waiting, cash savings increase which means you could buy more of your favs while you wait….sounds like a wise plan 💯☺

  14. Another good review. I like these videos and reviews. Just some more advice from someone that has a better feel for what is going on in the markets and such. No one has a crystal ball, but a best guess is always welcomed

  15. Marc, I love hearing your view point on the stock market and appreciate your honest opinion. I understand there is no guarantee in the stock market. Keep up the great work Marc and just wanted to say I love your videos.

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