Has the Stock Market Bottomed? APRIL 2023 Update | SIX signals to a market crash recovery.

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The stock markets continue to be volatile, with month-to-month gains, followed by monthly losses. Where are we in the cycle? This video will share 6 market signals that may help you manage your financial investments much better.


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Has the Stock Market Bottomed? APRIL 2023 Update | SIX signals to a market crash recovery.

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  1. 📈📚 Join The Investing Academy ➤ https://bit.ly/theinvestingacademy

    Has the market bottomed? I hope you’re enjoying this series where we look at six market indicators to help us manage our investment portfolio better.
    What do you think? Have we seen the worst and it’s all up from here? Or do we have more pain to come?
    Comment below! Thanks for watching.l

  2. Maybe a dumb question but assuming that the market has already bottomed and the worse is over, are there metrics like the ones in this series of videos that can predict the reversal/continuation of a bull market? It will be interesting to see how this series can evolve once the market has bottomed.

    1. Not dumb at all. I do expect this series will evolve as time passes. I’ll probably swap out certain metrics once it’s clear we’re back into a sustained bull market. Hopefully before tooooo long I’ll be able to migrate this into a “Market Top” series. Thanks for watching. – Marc

    2. @Brandon Beavis Investing I will look forward also to the Market Top series. You are thinking ahead..smart man! 👍💡☺🇨🇦

  3. Good job with the analysis Marc. I have to agree with you as much as I want to get caught up into a move into the Bull Market, I am still cautious about it. I suspect the next 2-3 months may very well give us a better indication where we are heading.

  4. Glad this series is continuing. It puts things into perspective. Thank you Marc🙏🇨🇦 Prince Edward Island here.

  5. Great video as always 👍 curious about your thoughts, if any, on the company GFL? Stocks been doing great all year

    1. Thanks so much. Re: GFL, I haven’t looked at that company, but I do see it’s having a great year. Thanks for your comment. – Marc

  6. My initial reaction when this video appeared in my feed was “wait, already a month?” Time flies. Thank you for your continious effort.

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