Google Stock: Why The Future Of YouTube Looks PROMISING

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Today I'll cover my second largest position GOOG stock (Alphabet) and speak about why their current investments in YouTube platform could be fantastic for investors!


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About the Author: Richard Money


  1. Hi Brandon can you exsplain should we worry about the gain on a dividend stock if the purpose of the stock is for long term passive income. Thanks

  2. Google at this price is a very good deal imo, I’ve been buying lots of it over the past few weeks, good to see you’re also eyeing it out 👀

  3. I’ve never understood how tiktok got so big. It was basically vine which was popular but never as popular as tiktok, and somehow it just got this massive audience.

  4. Hey Brandon, what are your thoughts on the news about China? Concerns over China’s president’s future outlook?

  5. Good video . I am super bullish on Google and Meta. My top 2. They will both eat tik toks lunch lol thanks for info on podcast, interesting angle.

  6. I’ve been wanting to buy google for a while now and also like to buy shop and Microsoft I do own them all in a BMO ETF but it would be nice to also own them separate in my Questrade. What are your thoughts should I own them separate if I already own them in an ETF and I own about $8500 of the ETF ?

  7. Good video. I can 100% say that all of the youtubers that I watched 100% of their videos that have replaced 25% to even 50% of the videos they upload as a short that I have avoided 100% of all shorts videos that are released so people like me are part of the reason why content creators are losing views, Not everyone wants to watch a 1 minute or less video and some don’t want to watch a portrait video on their landscape screen.

    I do think podcast is a good thing to get into for youtube and I plan on listening to those.

    Can you please make an update video on your investing challenge series?

  8. Man oh man you make one heck of a video right out of Taiwan on vacay. Future aspiration for sure. On the Google front, I agree that they are undervalued now. I don’t think by 50 or 40% but it is under compared to their historical trading levels. Google has built a very effective moat given how fast the landscape changes. I also think their revenue will continue to grow as long as the world economy continues to grow. These less developed countries will pour more money into their revenue streams like China did for AAPL.

  9. Instagram has also been competing with tiktok with their short reels. The same way they took “stories” from Snapchat and make it better. I think YouTube and Meta will absolutely leave TikTok in the dust by stealing their product and essentially making it better.

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