Everything You Need to Know in Trending News | October 2023

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Grab a coffee, relax, and capture up on everything that occurred in the monetary and investment worlds for the entire month of October 2023. Banks, GDP, Interest Rates, Inflation, Automobile Strikes, Twitter, Tesla. You call it, if it occurred in October, we cover it in this monthly review of the trending news.

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Everything You Need to Know in Trending News | October 2023

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  1. 📈📚 Join The Investing Academy ➤ https://bit.ly/theinvestingacademy

    How do you catch up on the full month’s news in one sitting? Well, you’ve found the place. This consolidated episode of our Trending News series covers all of our news stories for the entire month of October 2023. What did you miss? What have you forgotten? Take a trip down memory lane with our Month in Review.

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  2. Brilliant! I can look up the market in the past month and see how it reacted in stock prices after each news. This is good. I like the news recap at the end of the month. Thanks Marc.

    1. Morning Enid. Thought I’d put this out as a consolidated video and if it helps, I’ll do it each month! I like the way you think.

  3. Awesome! If for future market news videos and consolitaded “monthly news” videos your tech team could have timestamps added on the videos that would be fantastic.

  4. Love the video! always informative and good help in seeing what I might want to research more myself. Thanks for the insight! 😀

  5. This is awesome Marc! Can catch up on the entire month while taking the dog for a hike. Much appreciated content.

  6. I generally don’t watch YouTube this long ( I think I max out near 30 minutes, or 25) and when I started watching I saw that it contained material I had already seen in previous weeks, or I was pretty sure it did… So I am unlikely to watch these in the future; I have seen the info and it is too long for my tastes. I like the shorter ones better.  

    I WOULD watch a long one on ATD though! Their last presentation showed a pretty aggressive growth projection in the next 5 years! Or how CPKC is doing after the purchase (I saw a KC engine on the tracks a few weeks ago). Or SRU.UN, and or BEPC and how interest rates are important…

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