ETF Investing In Canada: The Ultimate Guide To Passive Investing

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Let's speak about ETF Buying Canada! utilizing ETFs is taking the world by storm, and it is without a doubt, among the most convenient ways to buy the stock exchange. ? How do they work? What are the very to purchase in Canada? We'll cover all of that and more in today's video!

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In Canada: The Ultimate Guide To

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    1. Hey Brandon – we keep getting alerts saying “contact me on WhatsApp for more insights and alerts”. Just wondering if they are genuine or bogus? I am suspecting it is bogus and spam. Please let us know so that we are not taken for a ride by this bogus person (let only Brandon answer please).

  1. wow did you get a graphic designer? the visuals on this video are amazing! so cool to see bmo sponsoring this video too, i always use bmos for my etfs and i even have a small part of my portfolio dedicated to the bmo stock itself! really cool to see you coming up with all of these high quality videos, it’s almost hard to believe we’re getting this for free! 🙂

  2. I love watching all the videos you and your team uploaded it gives me a lot of ideas on how I can improve myself in handling my own investment. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  3. PII, passive income investing, is amazing! Thanks for starting to introduce this to us. PII gives you peace of mind and generally really good restful sleeps too! Brad, I look forward to more on this topic with examples that you give in the future. When you start to show the power of “cover calls” then that might be a game changer for some of us.
    I wonder if you will also introduce Split corps? If you do, then another game changer! It was for me. The goal with ETF with cover calls and split corps is to look for the dividend and not so much the growth. Look for what income you would receive. This means look at the yield and hold it for years, using a DRIP strategy which gradually over time increases your income due to the frequent ongoing purchases from the DRIP.
    What is also awesome is that there are “risky split corps and less risky based on what you started to introduce, the NAV. At some point you might have to also include explaining what the UNIT NAV is as well.
    It is certainly going to be fun watching you gradually introduce this to us. I always say, Diversification is King aka Queen. But one has to consider, in passive investing, to pick stuff that has over 7% yields. When you explain what cover calls are, then these higher yields will not sound so “risky” because of what you mentioned, diversification (combined with cover call strategy.)
    If it were not for passive income investing for over 2 decades I would not have retired at 45 yrs of age. F.I.R.E., Freedom Investing, Retirement Early! Totally Awesome way to “play the stock market!”
    Oh! By the way, as with other comments, awesome graphics too! Looks like a refresh of idea’s has come to the table as you evolve your channel.
    Stay safe and thanks so much for heading in this direction of the passive income investing strategy….an awesome way of life as well! 📈$📉💯🇨🇦

  4. VUN or VFV for US exposure? I am looking for 10% buy in for my RRSP. I have 10% XIC and the rest in Blue Chip Canadian Stocks (RY, TD, BAM.A, FTS, CNR).

  5. Could you pls include cons of owing an ETF. I loved the video for the pro side but for us newbies to make build the best portfolios we should be aware of both sides of the coin. Thx Brandon. Love your channel!

  6. I was expecting a section on how taxes work with ETFs? Is it just like another stock? Only the capital gains tax needs to be paid when you sell but if you own it for 30 years, you pay no taxes during that time?

  7. BMO now offers an all-in-one equity ETF for even more simplicity. ZEQT has Canadian, American and international (both developed and emerging) stocks. Other choices include VEQT (Vanguard) and XEQT (BlackRock). Thought I should mention them, they are awesome products.

    Edit: Well, technically they hold other ETFs that hold the stocks, but the end result is the same.

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