Decoding Market Signals | Are Traditional Stock Market Metrics Obsolete?

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In the continuation of this series, I ask whether the standard metrics financiers have utilized to assess market direction are still appropriate, or have advancements in the markets made these signals outdated.

For the very first time in this series, you the audience can weigh in with your forecasts on whether the marketplaces are headed up, or getting ready for a correction.

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Disclaimer: The views and viewpoints shared on this channel are for informational and academic functions only. Although previously licensed, the factors are no longer market participants and are not certified to offer financial advice. They strive to offer you with academic details in an amusing way. Constantly do your own research study and due diligence before investing. Normally speaking, you ought to consult a certified financial investment specialist before investing.

Decoding Market Signals | Are Traditional Stock Market Metrics Obsolete?

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About the Author: Richard Money


  1. We’ll still see if there’s a recession. Soft landing…? 🤷‍♂️

    Can’t say until rates “normalize” such that they reach equilibrium with (the intended rate of) inflation.

    1. It’s been a strange 24 months…. let’s see what this year brings. I agree that we’re still in for some surprises.

    1. I highly doubt it. I don’t see crypto as an investment that fits my objectives. Will have to see how the industry evolves. Good question. How about yourself?

  2. Hi Marc, I am expecting a very weak technical recession that is not called and I think the market will begin to show real signs of recovery in the second half.

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