Corporate Earnings, UPS Strike Averted, TC Energy, Maps Competition – Market News

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Corporate Incomes, UPS Strike Averted, TC Energy, Maps Competitors – Market News


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Corporate Earnings, UPS Strike Averted, TC Energy, Maps Competition – Market News

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About the Author: Richard Money


    1. I bought TC shares 10 years ago. I’ll keep them forever. You’ll be fine. Just need to be patient. I mean 5- 10 years at least. This one is my small gamble, though. Biden ‘killed ‘ Keystone pipeline on his first day in the office. What will Trump do if he’s back on his first day ? You bet he reopens it. Canadian part is ready. Finish American section and dollars will flow to shareholders. Remember, it’s a gamble.

    2. The amount of pipeline they own, by length, is enormous. I wouldn’t get too worried about a scrapped project or two. In general, fewer new pipelines means more reliance on their preexisting ones.

  1. Marc please start your own channel. Leave Brandon’s channel for the millennials and you do a more serious channel tailored to the boomers 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment and suggestion. We did look at this option a few months back and decided to keep things together. Appreciate your support. – Marc

  2. Lots of good news today Marc! A thought, if you ever come across any company you cover raise their dividend….I would appreciate knowing about it. The more people with their radars on to catch companies raising their dividends the better! Its a massive investment field out there so more eyes on deck the better….Long live Dividends💝$ Cue happy dance. 💃💃

  3. I was expecting a downgrade in share price with CN, but didn’t move much today. I still have an open lmt order to add to my position. TC is a tempting buy but have not executed. I already own Enbridge.

  4. Thanks for this news video!

    Ouch, I own stock in TC Energy. That’s a bit of a bite.

    The Overture Maps story is intriguing. When industries work to develop common standards it’s usually a springboard for new innovation. This might lead to all kinds of useful new maps from smaller companies that won’t have to pay for access to Google or Apple’s API.

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