COMPLETE OVERHAUL at Scotiabank | Can the Bank Return to Competitiveness?

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The lead story in today's report is the huge changes that have actually been detailed by the brand-new Scotiabank CEO, Scott Thomson. He's basically revamping the whole gameplan in order to capture up from underperformance over the previous two decades. We look at the information, and question whether this may be a purchasing chance?

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00:00 – Start
00:28 – Big Modifications at Bank of Nova Scotia
03:31 – Canada Inflation Surprise
05:29 – Google Play Settlement
06:02 – Podcast
06:21 – Fedex Revenues
07:23 – CBC President Benefit Controversy
09:17 – Toshiba Delisted
09:52 – Christmas Signoff

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COMPLETE OVERHAUL at Scotiabank | Can the Bank Return to Competitiveness?

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  1. 📥 Subscribe to the Pulse Newsletter for Weekly Market News (FREE) ➤

    The lead story in today’s report is the huge changes that have been outlined by the new Scotiabank CEO, Scott Thomson. He’s basically revamping the whole gameplan in order to catch up from underperformance over the past two decades. We look at the details, and wonder whether this may be a buying opportunity?

  2. It’s crazy to me that the bank of Canada would count the cost of mortgages/rent in their decision to raise or lower rates when it is their high rates that force Canadians to spend more on housing

    1. Yes, but only as a consequence of extra low rates for too long. We need constant moderately high rates to avoid housing skyrocketing like has happened.

    2. How do you figure? Its well know that rents dictate price, not the other way around. Rents are determined by supply. The BOC said that this is due to immigration.

    3. There rates are determined by this governments printing of money and disgusting theft of taxpayers money and excessive spending.

    4. Actually.
      Up until the mass immigration.
      Rent was based on average income in the area.
      Then plus or minus based on size and quality of the rental.
      I never increased what I charge for rent when this frenzy started a few years ago.
      My $ comes in like clockwork.

  3. The banks are done. They’ve ruined customer service so much I’ll manage my own money and use an online bank like Sofi.

  4. Podcast option! Game changer! Save travels Marc. Busy news update today. Glad CBC had that interview to question transparency! Meg, PEI, chiming in….looking forward to “seeing you” again next year for these informative looking forward to podcasts. 💯 🙏 🎄 ☺

  5. Good, info packed report. As a holder of bns, I will continue to buy more just because of its dividend payment history of over 150 yrs.
    As for inflation, don’t expect any big changes until Trudeau is out of office and this reckless spending can stop.

  6. I don’t understand why Tiff never acknowledged that mortgage interest is the main driver of inflation and that brining down rates will actually reduce inflation. I’m sure he knows that, but I’ve never heard him say that.

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