CBC in Crisis | Job Cuts & Defunding Clash

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In this video, we dive into the CBC labor force layoffs and the growing debate on whether defunding is the solution. Also, find out about the Bank of Canada's pivotal choice on the key loaning revealed today.
We cover the big fine dealing with RBC has actually been evaluated by FINTRAC, gain insights into the disconcerting increase of customer debt in Canada, reaching unprecedented levels. Plus, get a thorough analysis of the surprising US tasks report, which fell short of expectations

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CBC in Crisis | Job Cuts & Defunding Clash

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  1. 📥 Subscribe to the Pulse Newsletter for Weekly Market News (FREE) ➤ https://www.theinvestingacademy.ca/pulse

    Big news at the CBC, and the controversy over whether the corporation should be defunded is sure to rise to the forefront again. In this video, we dive into the CBC workforce layoffs and the growing debate on whether defunding is the solution.
    Also, the Bank of Canada announced its interest rate decision this morning, and it held steady at 5%.

    We cover the huge fine facing RBC has been assessed by FINTRAC, and look into the alarming rise of consumer debt in Canada, which has again reached unprecedented levels. Plus, we’ll look at the surprising US jobs report, which fell short of expectations

  2. As an immigrant and loyal CBC audience, CBC has been my best free tool to learn authentic Canadian English over the years. My favorite program is the Current and Tapestry. CBC is a strong community builder who frequently advocates local small businesses and charities. I strongly oppose any cut to CBC funding

    1. What if instead, the money being used to fund CBC goes towards those small businesses and charities that they are just advocating for? And would it be possible or easy to switch to some free content on YouTube for authentic Canadian English as well? I personally don’t watch CBC, but purely from a business perspective, if the money being spent on this resource could go towards something better would that not be ideal? 1.24 Billion (quick google search that may not be fully accurate) is a lot of tax payer money.

  3. If one party gives you funding and the other wants to defund you, how can you stay unbiased? Funding to news media should be approved by all parties to avoid unfair new bias.

    1. Absolutely not. Media should not be publicly funded. If the broadcaster cannot survive on their own revenue then they should not survive.

  4. CBC is a mouthpiece for the liberal government and has very one sided coverage. I like some CBC shows but I get my news from other sources. I don’t think all Canadians should have to fund such a biased organization.

  5. If the value is there then remove the tax payer from the equation and go to a subscription model. Tired of paying for “services” I don’t want or need. There should be no public offering and be of significant importance that tax payers fund a service. CBC is neither of those.

  6. The benefit of having CBC in the Canadian news ecosystem is their ability to cover local stories that are deemed “unimportant” by for-profit news corporations. They offer a diversity of news content that may never be covered if it disappeared. Local issues, stories, and voices often don’t have the chance to break out if ad revenue is the only concern

    1. Bs. Global and CTV do tons of that. Chek News on Vancouver island constantly has local news specific to southern Van island. CBC wouldn’t survive without government funding, which is a sign their reporting is not appreciated by the masses.

  7. I literally only use CBC for Saturday night Hockey. I’d be willing to defund all parts of the CBC, and maintain hockey coverage because it’s unbiased and embodies Canadian culture.

  8. Well, I trust CBC news.as I do Bell and Global. Like Trump, I don’t trust Torstar, Meta, Danielle Smith or Pierre – the Far Right.

  9. we need CBC to cover local news but I hink we should defund CBC. It should focus on the core duties and cancel so many TV shows and radio shows, streamline the processes

  10. CBC does have some limited upside. Quirks and quarks, Q and Tapestry are sometimes interesting. The local news is indeed valuable.
    Everything else should be scrapped. Who watches Gem anyways?

  11. Thank for another great video!

    I don’t know enough about the current state of the CBC to have an opinion, but in general I disagree with Poilievre. Having a state sponsored broadcaster is a good thing, and we should keep funding it. But how much it should be funded and in what way are decisions that should be made by people who know more about the subject.

    As for interest rates… They’re probably not going down for a while. It might happen in 2024, but probably not in the early part of the year. Inflation is still too hot. The massive debt load that many Canadians (and Canadian companies) currently stagger under is evidence to me that interest rates were too low for too long. We shouldn’t live in an environment where near zero rates are seen as normal. The normal level should be somewhere between zero and what they are now. Maybe 1 or 2 percent?

  12. I think cbc is good for providing media coverage diversity. Sure some of their news segments has been biased recently and they definitely do need a management change but i wouldn’t say bell or shaw are unbiased either.
    Besides i love some segments on cbc. Andrew Chang and Uytae Lee make some amazing stuff. These are lesser known talented creators that wouldnt normally get the same kind of support from massive profit driven media companies.

  13. Of course they will get bonuses. Why? Because they were able to find ways to meet their financial goals by sacking people.

  14. We used to get good value from the CBC, but unfortunately, they are no longer providing investigative reporting. They have now turned into the mouthpiece of a certain party. I miss the old CBC.

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