Canadian WOMEN YouTubers On Passive Income, Money Tips, & Dividend Stocks

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Today I hosted a women-only Bloom collaboration to highlight the female developers in the area and talk about money, cost savings, individual finance and investing in Canada!

Moneywithcass –
Joyee Yang –
The Sassy Financier –
Financial Nirvana Mother – @FinancialNirvanaMama
Humbled Trader – @HumbledTraderOfficial

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Canadian WOMEN YouTubers On Passive Income, Money Tips, & Dividend Stocks

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  1. I’ve just seen Michelle on tiktok this week and I knew Tracy for a while. Nice to see other canadian females in this field.

  2. Yupeeee…..let’s go there ladies! Bravo for getting involved with investing.💯👍🇨🇦

  3. Terrific! Great video I know a few women. I guess there are not too many mature (over 50) women on you tube in the investment space.

  4. Brandon, we would LOVE to have another one of these wonderful presentations! 👍💯 🇨🇦

  5. Tracy about the Cherry……excellent analogy…..So well done to you all ladies! Thank you for wanting to be on this sort of platform to share your experiences. From another female investor who is doing alright from investing in the stock market! Go Girl Power! 💪💪♀ 🇨🇦

  6. Thank you Brandon for having this collab! So many wonderful discussions and thought provoking tips! So great to be part of blossom!

  7. Awesome video collab!!!
    Like your dad brings a total different perspective on your channel Brandon, the entire world should listen a lot more to what these brilliant ladies have to say! Take what fits you and leave everything else behind, but this is always been a huge plus for me to try looking at things on different angles. A lot a of mens are indeed jumping the guns way faster that most women will ever do, but it doesn’t guarantee a better outcome. We are in 2023 for God sake!!! Discussion around skin colour and genders should be wayyyy behind us! Keep fighting for your ideas ladies, your are all perfect models for the future generations!! 💕

  8. As a female DIY inventor it is lonely because my female friends don’t and don’t want to hear about it. I was so excited when I got started and quickly learned most are not interested. Also Canadians don’t talk about money. Love the YouTube and Blossom community.

  9. The thing with Investing that every body seems to like a different style and it’s totally fine. There are many ways to make money in the stock market. However, the only part that makes me sad and mad when somebody talks or promotes the scam cover call ETFs and convince people this is the only way to go. Good job ladies and Brandon hopefully more girls comes to the space

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