Canadian Pacific Railway Stock: Are We BULLISH Or BEARISH On CP.TO?

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Today we'll kick off our series called Bullish vs Bearish on .TO Stock – Train.


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About the Author: Richard Money


  1. As a former employee with CP, the stock has been on the rise since Keith Creel took over. That said, CP (CPKC now), has a decent moat (like all the Class 1 RR’s in NA) and isn’t going anywhere. I own CN right now but looking at CP. Love your videos guys 🙂

  2. Think CP is great long term 10+ years with North America focus on resilient supply chains. Also in my opinion worth the premium since they have top management in the industry and helps Superinvestor owns it too. Next stocks for series Canadian Banks or Brookfield Corporation.

  3. Another great episode, I like this format and hope for more. Billions of dollars in goods run on the CP line a block from my office, where we live, the sound of trains is the sound of prosperity. I have a suggestion for another analysis, maybe a more complicated one than this and one that is tied closely to CP. Teck Resources is spinning off its metallurgical coal unit after several years of trying to find a buyer for it. Whereas CP is undergoing a merger, Teck may be undergoing a split. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this one.

  4. I am just buying both CNR and CP whenever the opportunity seems right. What do you guys think about Constellation Software (CSU). They seem like a very good compounder. Very good management with similar aquisition mindset as ATD or Brookfield. My only concern is the minimal organic growth. It’s in the too hard pile still for me, but I am still very intrigued.

  5. I enjoyed this more in depth analysis, and would like to see more of these. I learn more about how to evaluate a company through this type of analysis. Agree CP is bullish long-term. Would you consider Enbridge for a future Bullish vs Bearish analysis.

  6. An excellent video series idea. I’m looking forward to more of these coming down the pipe. And this one didn’t disappoint, as there is always some fact or data driven idea that is new to me. In this case the ‘RTM’ was a neat measurement demonstrating constant improvement.

    All that said, I feel I’m in good company with two bullish thumbs up, as i just took a position in CP this past week.

  7. Love CP but I hold CNR and I believe you can’t go wrong with either one of them or both , I do drip one share and a bit in CN and it takes a lot of money to do that comparing to other stocks but for CN if you look at the 10 year chart the price and dividends growth is about 15% which is amazing , as for the cost increase for fuel I know for sure they’re not shy at all to pass the cost to their customers and Brandon mentioned EV locomotives well CP is is the process to have their first hydrogen locomotive. as for being bullish or bearish I’m bullish because I drive by those tracks by the port of delta every dayand I see only two companies pulling thousands of containers a day and it’s either CP or CN and try to move those containers by trucks their will be no room for cars on the orads 🙂 so I’m hoping to add CP as well very soon.

  8. I held off on CP for years, finally bought in around $94/share. Up nicely so far and going to hold long on this one.

  9. CP will be a good growth story, but CNR is the superior railway accounting for the dividends. If you look at longer-term charts UNP has been the best option for railway investors, although now with the KCS merger all three railways provide great exposure to the US economy. Great video. Thanks Gentlemen.

  10. Anything with you guys both in it is awesome, this definitely looks like an exciting new segment. As far as CP not being a major dividend play is actually quite good. It means this is still a growth oriented stock albeit one that is well established.

  11. I own both CNR and CP. About a 60 40 split in favour of CNR. Will be adding to both when dips occur. Great video. Please do ENB next.

  12. Been adding to my CP every so often for the last 2 years, hope to be buying for the next 3-4 years. I think this will be a great play over time!

  13. Love this video. I’ve been watching CP for a year now and debating on whether I should add it to my portfolio

  14. Great video as always.

    Could you cover GSY (GoEasy) and how the new budget and loan interest change might affect their earnings?
    And maybe a side-to-side comparison with EQB (Equitable Bank).

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