Canada’s Growing Income Gap: Where is the Limit?

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In today's video, we explore the pushing problem of Canada's growing earnings space. As the economic landscapes shifts, so does the divide in between the haves and the have-nots. Do the rich pay adequate taxes? Do you see this gap ever narrowing? Join us as we evaluate the latest information.

Also on this episode, we'll take a look at the current U.S. Inflation numbers and see how rapidly the fraudsters have relocated to get rid of the new legislation that the province of BC has taken into place to combat short-term rental companies like VRBO and Airbnb. Stellantis has actually announced it's offering purchasing plans to its non-unionized personnel, and we'll take a look at profits from Suncor & Algonquin Power.


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Canada's Growing Income Gap: Where is the Limit?

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About the Author: Richard Money


  1. In Canada, middle class is dying with the inflation. We have a huge pay gap with our neighbour US. We were being paid slightly ahead of US in healthcare 10 years ago. Now we are approximately 25% behind by a direct comparison from USD pay to CAD pay. (With Fx conversion, nearly 40-50% gap and with taxes considered more than 50% gap) We are gonna lose a lot of workers if this not not adressed soon. Sad…

    1. My relatives from US asked me how can we survive with our salaries and inflation here and why do we still want to live in Canada. It was eye opening for me.our kids’ jobs are paid double in US and I’m afraid they’ll want to make the move.

    2. ​@Enid Vadeanuexactly inline with what I had been observing past few years.

      This govt has little clue as to what to do with their ridiculous spending. Just look at the Bill-S233 for an example. How would we ever afford this with their plan? Higher tax for the middle class? 😢

  2. Ironically governments that spend money to supposedly help the poor end up creating inflationary environments that end up helping the rich who own more hard assets.

  3. since taxes are built into every product and service plus sales tax, whoever buys the most pays the most taxes.

    1. @Tariq Abughofa i know that. i’m just trying to point out that there are a lot more hidden taxes than the ones out in the open.

  4. I’m totally with you on the top 1% earning 10% of all wealth and paying over 20% of income taxes…where is the motivation for working harder in that? Nope, I’m no where near them, still… The conflict between capitalism and (social) parity I suppose. Great video, I’m one of those who look forward to your updates. Thank you!

    1. It’s insane people have this opinion. He immediately went into detail about how the lower 50% of people made LESS money than the previous year while the top earners earned double digit growth, yet you question why their share of the tax burden is higher?

  5. i always said that if you want to reduce salary gap, the government should make a law to limit ceo wage maybe 20 to 100 times of the average workers salary in his business, so if ceo wants a raise, he needs to raise his employees before.

    1. @milhouse 7 we could make the same for outsider business by using the ceo wage in any country they are, and fix the workers wages on it.

    2. So the worker at Walmart who does the same job as worker at ma and pa grocery store should make 100 times more for doing the same job because he works at a multinational publicly traded corporation where the CEO is better compensated for the responsibility he undertakes?

  6. I understand the argument that the 1% paying 20% of taxes might seem high, but at the end of the day a society works when everyone has their basic needs met without much stress, which is not happening in Canada right now, I’m in the 1% of earners and if tomorrow the government decides to reduce the tax bill of the “middle class and poor class” and increase the taxes on the wealthy I think I would be okay it

  7. NS old min wage was 14.60. I received my yearly raise up to $15, and then in October, everyone else started making the exact same. 0 motivation to stay within a company to scale up.
    I’m trying to negotiate wages, but it’s been 2+ months with no luck.

    1. If you are watching this channel than you have some interest in maximizing your income. You should know that if you’re making $15 an hour now than no matter how well negotiations go it’s not going to double your pay. My friend, you need to make a much bolder move than well-articulated negotiations with your current employer.

  8. Marc, I love your videos. Can I make a suggestion please? When rambling all the stats, can you flash those numbers on the screen as well too. I have a hard time following as you speak quickly. Many thanks

  9. Always look forward this your news Marc. As a visual learner, as you pump out your numbers when comparing some graphs or showing comparison numbers either on a separate presentation or pop up numbers while you are on the same screen off to the side. 🙂 Meg

  10. The divide in Canada is getting wild. I make over 6 figures at one job and work nights 2 days per week as well just to keep from falling behind. They wonder why young people aren’t having kids? Who can afford it…

  11. No limit the more money you earned, the more you or your enterprise used of the infrustructure. The lower income folks need to be lifted up so they can pay a little more tax and have a little more money to support private businesses. Everybody wins with this attititude.

  12. This government is hilarious. First it was evil foreign buyers, then flippers, now short term rentals. They love to make villains to cover up their own blunders. The housing minister sharing a random facebook post is just sad.

  13. The tax system is based on the false assumption that people earning a top 1% of better income are making that income every year. Many are small business owners and farmers who were worse off than an average government worker for the preceding 30-40 years and get a pop in income when they sell their company and retire. A better measure is lifetime earnings. Why should a business owner pay twice the tax on an income earned over 20 years and realized in one year compared with a government worker who produces nothing of value and “earns” the same amount spread over 20 years?

  14. I support taxing the mega rich at the same rate as everybody else. They’re just people who make a lot more money than the rest of us. I also believe that if they can spend 10% of their annual income to buy a gorgeous home in Vancouver with no mortgage, then I should be able buy a home for 10% of my income too. Same tax rate, same cost of living rate. Let them pay $700/lb for bananas and we might actually both be able to complain about how expensive everything is getting these days.

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