Building a Solid Retirement Portfolio: Investing in Healthcare and Utilities for Canadians

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In this video, we talk about a number of sectors that we can anticipate will provide trusted, consistent capital into a senior citizen's portfolio in order to guarantee that our retirement funding needs are satisfied for years after our paycheques stop rolling in.

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00:00 – Introduction.
00:08 – Reliable Cash Flow & Covered Call ETFs.
00:58 – Financial investment Suitability.
01:38 – Healthcare & Utilities.
04:54 – Harvest Health Care Leaders Earnings ETF.
06:34 – Harvest Equal Weight Global Utilities Income ETF.
08:14 – Interview with Michael Kovacs.
18:35 – Outro.

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Building a Solid Retirement Portfolio: Investing in Healthcare and Utilities for Canadians

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About the Author: Richard Money


  1. 📥 Subscribe to the Pulse Newsletter for Weekly Market News (FREE) ➤

    In this video I highlight a couple of sectors that I believe are great areas to invest in for retirees. Health care is a growing industry, which will only grow more, and we use utilities every single day of our lives, so these two sectors provide dependability when you’re looking for sustainable cash flow in retirement.

    I also had the opportunity to chat with Michael Kovacs, who is the founder of Harvest ETFs, and he shared his insights on these two sectors, as well as why he thinks utilities in particular may be offering a good opportunity right now.

    Please feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts.

  2. I recently found out my 25 year old daughter has a TFSA ! Not sure what’s in it…. But she has one! I credit your YouTubes I sent her on investing so, thanks! Her Banker Grampa would be so proud!

  3. And, as Adriane over at passive investing shown, “ retirement” can happen at almost any age! You don’t have to be “ of a certain age”!

  4. I have some hhl in one of those funds of funds… also have NWH.UN…. Which was doing well until recently. 😢. A story on that downfall and what can be learnt ( too much debt!) might be educational!

  5. Marc I thing soon harvest will become a arstoca dividend. They have. Many years of monthly distribution. So draws people in. Retires thanks for detail up date. Personal I’m
    Looking for retirement funds

  6. I have been adding HDIF to my portfolio monthly for 14 months now. I buy it with dividends from my other CC investments.

  7. Marc, thank you for the video. What are your thoughts on leveraged vs non- (HTAE vs HTA)? Or just investing in HDIF (has both HHL and HUTL) instead of HHL / HUTL separately? Thanks!

    1. I think there is capital destruction when stocks that lower than the cost basis and it automatically writes the next CC below the cost basis.

      I do CCs manually to preserve my cost basis.

  8. Hi Marc, I’m 40 and currently venturing into the stock market, my ultimate goal has always been to retire at 55, is it possible to raise over $8million in portfolio size before my retirement at 55, I have about $1m in savings.

  9. It’s important to be aware that Yield is different than expected return and the Return of Capital (ROC) on this covered call ETFs.

  10. Sure would like an update on how your and Brandons stock are doing. I know Nike, Tencent and Pfizer have been brutalized lately and I think that you guys had picked those at various points but not sure how long it has been since an update

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