BUFFETT INDICATOR says Lower Your Expectations | Will the Markets Crash?

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If you have actually never heard of the , this video will inform you what you need to understand. Today, the indication is flashing a warning, stating that we can get ready for lower returns over the next years. Find Out how 's preferred metric can help you be a much better investor.


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says Lower Your Expectations | Will the Markets Crash?

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  1. 📈📚 Join The Investing Academy ➤ https://bit.ly/theinvestingacademy

    For about 40 years, investors have used the Buffett Indicator to help them value the markets. Today, the indicator is flashing a warning, saying that we can prepare for lower returns over the next decade. Learn how Warren Buffett’s favourite metric can help you be a better investor.

    Thank you to Passiv for sponsoring today’s video – https://passiv.com/?ref=RGAMTXSUAM
    One of our favourite tools to help manage your portfolio. Try them out for completely free today!

  2. All I know is I’m getting 5% in a saving account right now, ya I’m in cash, I think the market will follow suit.

    1. Hey, @k.m..7351, while that may be true, unfortunately, the taxation of interest income takes a significant bite out of the actual rate of return…😔.

  3. Marc, I studied Buffet when starting out on the journey of investing….thanks for this history lesson of what he talked about “back in the day.” Always a pleasure watching your presentations. Thank you Marc, from Atlantic Canada, Prince Edward Island🙏 🇨🇦 📈$📉

  4. Great discussing with you earlier today, and happy you touched on this topic.
    My question for you would be, if the buffet indicator is high and that would imply lower rates of return in the future, then would you make the argument that fixed income (ie bonds or GICs) in our current interest rate environments would a more reliable investment. Obviously everyone’s situation is different, but interest rates as high as they are right now and the market (less the 7 big names) trading sideways.

    Also as you always say in your “Has it bottomed” series, no one metric can give you the full picture.

  5. Today, this is becoming more and more relevant to me. Thanks for giving this excellent overview and thanks for the information. I was getting a very harsh reminder when you mentioned the least performing financial institutions. We, the lady and I, have been looking to move ever since.

  6. I was so hesistant to get into the stock market ..
    one that I have passive I know exactly what to buy & how many shares in order to meet the target plan I’ve set 🙂

  7. Am probably the minority but i prefer these type of educational videos rather than just stock picking videos. Keep em coming Marc.

  8. I appreciated learning about the Buffett Indicator. The data world is chaotic and this cuts through the noise.

  9. Like Warren Buffet said, dividends are only good if the business you’re investing into can’t make good use of that capital. So, if you’re trying to invest in businesses with actual growth, looking at dividends is a waste of time. Why are you investing into a company if they’re returning capital to you because they think you can make better use if it than they can. It’s not much different from bond investing. The way I see it, if you have a $1 million at some point, that’d be enough to create a portfolio that would pay you between 50k – 70k in dividend income…

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