Boost Your Retirement Income BY 15% With This SIMPLE DIVIDEND TRICK (CANADA)

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Today we'll talk about how to increase your dividend earnings the ! We'll cover United States tax on dividend stocks and especially ETFs.


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Boost Your Retirement Income BY 15% With This SIMPLE DIVIDEND TRICK ()

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  1. I just have vfv in both tfsa and rrsp it’s just that good of an etf and the taxes shouldn’t scare off people into having a little bit of tax

  2. What about US REITs like Realty Income? Can you avoid the 15% tax if you hold them in an RRSP US dollar? Thank you.

  3. That was a nice clear explanation;thanks!

    I figured I was too close to retirement For it to matter for the little I have in US funds vs the fees at my broker and the exchange fees…but I think I was wrong. I find it keeps me from buying US stock, which is not good.

    I have MMP, DIS that could go into a RRSP, for example.

  4. Brandon, one question
    I just started investing & I learned that the RRSP doesn’t get that tax withholding etc etc
    So what I’ve done lately is I exchange my $ at my main bank & fund my Questrade RRSP or I’ve done the norbit gambit ..
    What do you suggest is the best way to convert ?

  5. Good subject to talk about, easily one of the more important aspects to understand about how to use certain accounts.

  6. it may not happen automatically – check with your broker and figure out if appropriate forms have been filed – otherwise you may still get that 15%. deducted

  7. That is what i have been doing 😅.Since etf are an easy solution ( not as much of work to do like for specific stocks) , for someone like me who lacks knowledge it was kinda obvious. I do not mind the 1.5% exchange rate , i think USD will be higher or close to the Canadian $ ( probably higher) when i retire and since i am in for the long run , that 15% on dividende might be what will make a bit more of a difference. Great video , thank you for your work

  8. Sorry Brandon … I’m not good in English … so in my understanding which mean if I keep SCHD in RRSP or TSFA , it’s all the same , it doesn’t not exempt for 15% rule ?

  9. with the Canadian dollar near multi decade lows, even though in the past it has not been true, I think it wise to get Canadian currency hedged ETFs. You pay 15% withholding tax on a 1% dividend with VSP but in my estimation there are better odds of our dollar hitting 80 cents than there are of it hitting 67 cents which will decimate the returns of VFV or VOO if you are eventually converting to Canadian funds. Also if you hold the US dividend payers in non registered accounts you can get a tax credit for part of the 15% withholding tax. Also if you hold over 100k in non registered US listed ETFs like VOO you will need to remember to file a T1135 at tax time or you could get a $2500 penalty from CRA. Canadian listed funds don’t apply to needing that form although the form isn’t a big deal unless you don’t know about it

  10. I’ve been DC averaging into my RRSP with VT for these very reasons.
    Would it be more beneficial to own VFV over VOO in a TFSA though?

  11. Many thanks. Can you please do a video on how or whats the best way to purchase US listed ETF’s or Stocks using wealth Simple as a paltform

  12. Hey Brandon, thanks for sharing this. Do popular robo advisor portfolios consider asset location and the implications of that on portfolio value? E.g. Will questwealth or wealthsimple robo rrsp portfolios take this into consideration? It would be super helpful to have a video on that.

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