BEST TD TRAVEL REWARDS CREDIT CARDS 2022 – Which Card Do I Use In Canada For Travel Points?

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Today I'll discuss my favourite TD Travel Reward Credit Cards. The TD First Class Travel and the TD Aeroplan Card.

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Intro – 0:00
What Card I Utilize – 2:00
TD First Class Travel Card – 5:05
TD Aeroplan Card – 9:45
Final Thoughts/ Outro – 14:05


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BEST TD TRAVEL REWARDS CREDIT CARDS 2022 – Which Card Do I Use In Canada For Travel Points?

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  1. 📈📚 Join The Investing Academy Today for $19.99 CAD/mo (100+ Hours Of Online Video Training Courses, Discord Community, Trade Calls, Spreadsheet & Downloads, Live Q&As, & More –

    Which card do you use or prefer!? Leave a comment down below 🙂

  2. When Brandon instinctively posts a video that adds to my research I’ve been doing in the past 2 weeks because I want to go to the Philippines and ticket is around $2500 to $3000+. 😂 Thanks Brandon!

  3. You should partner up with the prince of travel. He has the best content in Canada on how to maximize point programs for travel.

    1. Did you watch the video? He cites Ricky as his inspiration for this video in the first two minutes.

    2. @Jesse Russo I did. I am saying he should partner up with him for content the same way he is doing with Nolan Matthias.

    3. @lucky247365 Definitely wouldn’t hurt. Ricky has changed how I view credit cards and travel, and more people should be aware of what’s out there.

  4. 1 mil TD travel points = $5000 maximum if u redeem through expedia. So not a lot. U can’t redeem more than 1-2 long haul business class flights even. Dump the First Class travel points, and get the Aeroplan instead.

    To get those 1 mil TD points u would have spent $333,333 CAD already, and if u were to spend with the Aeroplan card, u would have gotten 333,333 points, which is enough to get AT LEAST 4-5 Long haul business class flights

    Im another points and cards guru in vancouver hahaha

    1. Amex aeroplan is better than TD. Earn point faster I think but most places don’t accept Amex lol

    2. Amex have the best travel cards in the world. Not really close. Only downside is they cost quite a bit more. If you travel a descent amount throughout the year, it’s usually worth it. Things like free access to first class lounges can really make the travel experience more pleasant and relaxing.

  5. Ricky has great content and really opened my eyes to how beneficial credit card rewards programs can be. Before I found his channel last summer I was just using my debit card not knowing any better. I’ve taken advantage of a couple great welcome bonuses now my next big trip is going to be in business class paid for with points, and my layovers are spent in the maple leaf lounge instead of a chaotic terminal.

    It’s also worth noting that Aeroplan points can be redeemed with any Star Alliance airline, not just AC.

  6. I have been using my credit card for all purchases for the last year and it has genuinely changed my investing life, I use my td cash back no annual fee card and I make more cash back dollars compared to my dividend income from my profile, I just use my cash back and buy more dividend etfs, speeding up my dividend and stock snowball 🙂

  7. If you grocery store accepts American Express, the Cobalt American Express Card is also really worth looking into, some of the best value on the canadian market.

  8. I have MBNA World Elite MasterCard. I’m not saying that it’s the best card but the website for booking and the people in the call center are excellent. I’m not an Air Canada lover and a lot of my pay cheque goes to Costco who doesn’t accept Visa.

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