Best BMO Asset Allocation ETFs | Passive Investing For Canadians

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Thank you to BMO ETFs, a division of BMO Global Asset Management, for sponsoring this video. Let's talk about BMO Possession Allowance ETFs! These are outstanding solutions for the passive investor that wish to leave the heavy portfolio lifting to the experts.

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Best BMO Asset Allocation ETFs | Passive Investing For Canadians

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About the Author: Richard Money


  1. Thanks for all you do Brandon. I watch a lot of you and your Dad’s videos and being a novice in this space, your info helps. Keep on helping the little guys 🤙

  2. Awesome videos. Ive deicded to pay off my mortgage should only take me another 3 years and done. After that i will save some money and invest my rrsps and Tfsa in the market in ETF dividends. Should be easier to do without a mortgage

    1. That’s fair, way to go! My mortgage is taking up a big chunk of my income these days so I know the feeling…! Thanks Raze

    2. @Brandon Beavis Investing yea that sucks, i like the idea of having no debt, in case investing goes bad. i just feel like paying off the mortgage should be my priority before investing my tfsa and rrsp. Well i do have most my rrsp invested already but lots of room there for more growth.

    1. We don’t delete any comments bud. It’s possible that YouTube is automatically flagging it for some reason

  3. Not really related to the topic of this video, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on $AQN after their disappointing earnings – maybe in your next dividend stock video?!

  4. YTD those ETFs with a higher bond allocation dropped more than the ones with a lower bond allocation. It’s supposed to be the opposite. So the risk profile doesn’t work. Any thoughts on that ?

    1. Bonds have been disjointed and have performed worse than the equity markets. As bond yields increase, the price of bonds decreases. It’s been a tough time for retirees that have a high asset allocation to bonds of various lengths.

    2. @Mr. Financial Perhaps a better approach for retirees would be to invest in low volatility ETFs like ZLB, ZLU for example and forget about bonds altogether. Those ETFs have performed so far pretty good and have reasonable MER.

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