Best All-In-One ETFs (Index Funds) To Buy For Canadians In 2022 (FULL BREAKDOWN)

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Today I'll cover 4 All-In-One ETFs (Index Funds) right here in Canada. The products are a one-stop option to portfolio building and are terrific for financiers seeking a hands-off technique.

ETF # 1 – Lead Development ETF (VGRO) –

ETF # 2 – iShares Core Growth ETF (XGRO) –

ETF # 3 – iShares Core Equity ETF (XEQT) –

ETF # 4 – BMO Balanced ETF (ZBAL) –


Intro – 0:00
# 1 Vanguard Development ETF (VGRO) – 2:27
# 2 – iShares Core Development ETF (XGRO) – 13:55
# 3 – iShare Core Equity ETF (XEQT) – 17:20
# 4 – BMO Well Balanced ETF (ZBAL) – 21:43
Outro – 25:44

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At age 20, he became a totally certified Investment Advisor, working for among Canada's biggest Financial investment Brokers, Manulife Securities. For 4 years, he worked along with a highly knowledgeable team at Beavis Wealth Management, concentrating on High-Net-Worth Investing. He's had the opportunity to work under his Daddy, an advisor of over 25 years, and has dealt hands-on with customer portfolios, including; studying, building, and managing multi-million-dollar customer accounts.


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Best All-In-One ETFs (Index Funds) To Buy For Canadians In 2022 (FULL BREAKDOWN)

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About the Author: Richard Money


  1. This is exactly what I’m looking to invest in these days. Thank you for making this video!

  2. great video Brandon. I love these ETF’s, but I’m still going with individual funds. thanks again!!

  3. Toca is not talked about a lot. From portfolio visualizer backtest analyses, their.performance is similar to xeqt despite having bonds. Talk about TOCA too!

  4. VGRO in my sons RESP, just started my RSP last year with ZGRO, managing our TFSA’s with ZSP, ZCN, ZEA, ZEM, ZAG (roughly 20% ea) which cover similar to the GRO lines. Recently skimmed the top off each in our TFSA’s to add another column for MNT to put some precious metals (gold) in there to protect a bit more from the coming crash.

    1. Been wanting to add some metals to my portfolio and currently looking at BTO, CEF, XGD or maybe even CGL. Any insight is appreciated.

  5. The only investment channel that isn’t telling me I’m about to lose everything.

    Kinda nice.

  6. Great video as usual. Would be curious to know your thoughts about BMO’s new all in one etf : ZEQT. It’s slightly different than XEQT and VEQT.

  7. VGRO was the 1st etf i bought when i started my TFSA, ended up selling it all and putting it towards XEQT

  8. What are you thoughts on HGRO ? The ETF is not as popular as the others like VEQT / XEQT but I think in the long term it should outperform them. Instead of investing in the total market, it is using indexes like S&P 500, TSX 60 and NASDAQ 100.

  9. Great video! Isn’t this the best way to invest? 🙂
    Hard to pick the winning stocks and studies show that 80-90% of the time, the people who pick stocks do not outperform the market. Thoughts?

  10. Man I m really confused as to why your bringing up all these bond options given that all experts agree they are no longer a smart diversification

  11. I started out with a mix of index ETFs, but I have been slowly purchasing more and more of these all-in-one portfolio funds, especially for my wife. It is hard to argue against a single fund with a low MER that has your risk level right in the title.

  12. ETHI was doing very very well for me in share value but dividend is low. ZWC does well. I gotta say I like the covered calls for income but I understand that comes at a cost I share price… or so I have been told.

  13. Sup Brandon! Passive investor here. I got VEQT (all equity) and GEQT (ESG all equity). Thanks for the breakdown of thèse all-in-one ETF. I would love if you could talk in the future about the pros and cons of ESG investing. Cheers!

  14. Great video! Love how you were so detailed about each one. When I first starting investing I bought into vgro, then bought into veqt, and then eventually moved into xeqt which I am still holding

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