Behind Closed Doors: Why was TD Bank Hiding the SEC Investigation?

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Why did the executives at TD Bank keep details from their investors that they were under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission? In this video we'll look at one major ramification, with possibly more to come.

We likewise look at the CEO of National Bank's warning that financiers may be too optimistic about wishing for rates of interest cutes in 2024.
Tesla has actually announced they're bringing a revamped version of the Model 3 to North America, Canada had another budget plan surplus in November, and the X account of the SEC is hacked, resulting confusion.

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00:00 – Introduction.
00:25 – TD Bank Examination.
02:42 – National Bank Rate Care.
03:44 – Harvest ETFs.
04:51 – Tesla Unveils Revamped Model 3.
05:50 – Canada Trade Balance.
07:19 – SEC Hacked|Fake Bitcoin ETF Tweet.
08:58 – Podcast & Pulse.
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Behind Closed Doors: Why was TD Bank Hiding the SEC Investigation?

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About the Author: Richard Money


  1. I appreciate the information you provided. This is a great incite into the markets current trend I was confused about
    🎉Currently watching td stocks 🎉

  2. thanks for the updates Marc. could you please share the source for the stat about uranium import from Kazakhstan discussed at 6:50?

    1. @@beaviswealth thanks! i’ve seen this one but it didn’t go into the detail i was looking for. interested in seeing what percentage of uranium in Canada is imported and some numbers behind this month’s ‘increase’. maybe someone else in the community knows?

  3. Thanks for the new video! Hope you had a nice holiday.

    It’s disturbing that TD may have gotten mixed up with money laundering in the US, but hopefully the allegations only involve their American subsidiaries and don’t involve anything back home.

    I wonder if the SEC hacker had any Bitcoin to sell? They could’ve made a lot of money from that one hack.

    1. Thanks, Kevin/ Same to you. Now we’re head on into the new year.
      No doubt a scammer could have made a very quick buck. So much cheating out there.

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