Adriano from Passive Income Investing – Answering SUBSCRIBER Questions & Passive Income Update

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Today we talked once again with Adriano for an update on the passive income investing area!

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Adriano from Passive Income Investing – Answering SUBSCRIBER Questions & Passive Income Update

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  1. Even Warren Buffet who preaches about buy & hold – he does sell some stock to switch to better options
    I believe any long term hold investors should always re evaluate their portfolio …
    So it makes total sense when Adriano sells some position & streamlines his portfolio

  2. It’s a great video both have lots of advise I love following both. Lots of info and learning every time. Information is top notch

  3. 3:45 if its 10% and the price never moves, you are losing $ to inflation. 10% is fine…if the value of the unit goes up as much as inflation does. But I have about 10% of my portfolio in covered calls and try to use it to buy stocks that seem like a bargain or have a different mix of growth-income….but I still like to buy some covered calls from time to time.

  4. I like the apartment analogy. Reale estate tends to go up, but still. the fluctuations dont matter so much as long as the rent keeps coming in.

    1. Yes, but I would plan for a long term 2-3% avg capital appreciation on the building if we’ll maintained , not a lost of value. I’m in agriculture, the parallel I use is farmland, you can crop it or rent it, rent should go up, but land value, long term, should not loose value but gain some. I think, when using agressive income strategy with 10% yield or more, one should live on 7-8% and re invest the rest to at least maintain portfolio capital value

  5. I don’t personally use the same strategy (fully) as Adriano,but I do use the same methods in my tfsa. I think a lot of the criticism of the pii method comes from folks who just aren’t comfortable ,or don’t understand the method that Adriano uses. His episodes,as far as I can tell, are always very up front and clear about what exactly his philosophy and method of investing is. One may,or may not,subscribe to Adrianos method,but in my opinion it’s not a fair criticism for anyone to say that he is being anything less than genuine in his presentation of what “he” is doing. For that reason,I do subscribe to his channel and I do encourage people to listen and judge for themselves whether or not his method of investing is for you or not.👍👍👍

  6. Really thorough presentation. I have been a passive investor for a few decades, love it….early retirement is a blast. Interesting to get up to speed on the new ones that cover “the whole world.” Cool. Thank you Adrian for being prepared to show the answers. Atlantic Canada, PEI chiming in. :)🍁

  7. Just trying those high yield covered call a few months ago (with small amount), so far the dividend doesn’t even cover the loss on the stock xD I’ll wait a year to see how it goes. But I’ll probably get rid of it at some points.

  8. Adriano mutes/blocks users from commenting as soon as he receives any criticism from his videos. It’s why his engagement is so low in comparison to his views. I always appreciated the fact that Brandon or Marc don’t do that here.

  9. I bought HTAE 6 months ago for $2000..I sold it this week for $2600 , my $2000 plus my $600 profit was then used to buy some QQQY AND JEPY in which gives me a higher dividend yield . If my Htae has depreciated I would have kept it longer. . Depreciation don’t scare me , and if it the return on capital grows I will take advantage of it . . That’s how my investing works FOR ME .😊

    1. Exactly you should always be actively managing your portfolio , there is no set it and forget it approach that works.

  10. Hey Brandon and Adrian – thanks for putting this together, what great info! For Canadian investors hoping to use the new tools from YieldMax and Defiance, it seems to me that if you sell on the last day before ex-dividend and then re-invest the next day, you can avoid the 15% witholding AND make your income a capital gain instead of “ordinary income”. Perhaps a good topic for a future video?

  11. Capital depreciation of an income fund is like buying an apartment complex and having to sell several units each month in order to return capital back to the investors greater than the sum of the collected rents for all the units that are held in the fund. High return rates are essentially a pyramid scheme requiring more investments into the fund to offset the greater outflows.

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