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A New Focus | Our Channel is Changing?

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  1. 📈📚 Join The Investing Academy ➤ https://bit.ly/theinvestingacademy

    ********Thank you to everyone who has been so kind in leaving detailed and heartfelt comments. Like a typical guy, I’m doing some last minute scrambling before we head out for a holiday first thing in the morning. I can’t get to all your comments right now, but I will as soon as my time permits. Again, thank you all so much. ********
    We’re thinking about making some major changes to our YouTube content. To our amazing subscribers: Let us know what you need!

  2. Whatever you do, keep the “has the market bottomed yet” series going and other technical analysis as well! I find that to be extremely insightful. Thanks!

    1. Yes, I am going to agree with Stormblaze on “has the market bottomed yet” series. Discussing and showing what the indicators used are about, any interesting patterns they appear to have, all is so effective. I have made some purchases with more confidence combining what Marc points out in his selective indicators and combining them with the 5 I use. Really glad you expressed an interest as well Stormblaze💯👍

    2. Yes, agreed it’s so awesome to see this series, and I’m always in anticipation of the next video. No fear mongering, no bias but just objective analysis.

  3. Hi Marc, being a recent retiree, I really enjoy the insight you bring to your videos. You have my vote for more retirement focused videos. One topic I would like to see more discussion on is decumulation/drawdown of assets, not only mechanics of it but psychology of it. It’s not easy to take from what you spent years building. Thanks.

  4. i like having you guys both on this channel because i think you have a nice synergy with Brandon’s more “aggressive” style of investing (going into companies like BABA or TSM for example) and your more conservative approach to investing. I especially liked the stock battles videos, I think there’s a lot of potential in those, especially if guys would consider going on the offensive by criticizing the other’s stock instead of just doing a presentation of your own pick. that way it’d give you a full unbiased picture of what those stocks are like – which is difficult to get on youtube because usually if someone’s showing a stock to their viewer, they’re pretty bullish on it and such will have some blind spots. anyways i’ll still watch you both if you make separate channels so either way i’m fine with it 🙂

  5. I don’t know, I mean I’m in my 30s and I enjoy a bit of everything. I find it very important for young people to be aware of what we need in order to retire because we have time on our side to prepare. I did watch those videos, but I had my parents in mind so maybe I can help them prepare since they don’t know anything about finance. I like that it’s all in one channel

    1. There is something to be said about having ONE channel that is the “one stop shop.” Good point tabysart. I am starting to lean towards your point of view, one channel that has quite a bit of an age range to appease.

    2. Having a “one stop shop” is a good point and it’s great but also if I there’s something I could add to it is that having a second channel would be kinda easier to filter contents that focus on 45 + years users. It’s a “one stop shop” for older audience that wants to know everything about CPP, etc. Either way, good luck!

    3. @Douglas Rivero Yes, Douglas. One of Marcs collaborators is a youtube channel Parallel Wealth, Adam Bornn, who talks quite a bit about CPP, OAS, laddering ones income, RRSP meltdown, Disability CPP prior to 65 yrs of age and how to prevent the automatic transaction of regular CPP from starting if the person wants to delay the regular CPP starting at age 65. Adam has quite a few videos on this topic, has guests on, and talks about the psychology of shifting into a retirement and what he experiences with his clients. I would not want to have Marc do a lot of work only to find that Adam covered it and continues to cover similar topics as updates from CRA rules kick in. What is reassuring is that Marc did state that he would continue to present on Brandon’s channel. So we continue to enjoy the professional delivery that Marc has as a special gift felt from his audience, and the interesting topics that he chooses. Lots of food for thought for Marc. I wonder if the autonomy of having his own channel gives Marc more “creative expression” in the area of editing? Marc did mention that was one interest he had and would like to explore should he have his own channel.

  6. The greatest thing about this channel and the Investing Academy has been the collaboration that has covered the complete life cycle of investing. Would love to see a channel with you talking about investing going into retirement and in retirement. Definitely a different path of investing. Regardless of the decision. I will continue to watch and consume all you and Brandon have to offer. As always, thanks for all the Academy does!

  7. Hi Marc. I took early retirement in the last year due to family circumstances. I am also interested in topics such as pensions, CPP/OAS- what is the optimal time to start collecting them; RRSP melt down/wind down etc. By the way I thoroughly enjoy your updates on the market (has the market bottomed out yet) and analysis of the indicators. Keep up the great work.

  8. I am a male in the 55-64 age range from Victoria, B.C. Love the content you are providing Marc and would be excited to see more content from you especially with investing and planning towards retirement. Thanks for all you do for us the viewers.

  9. Oh please both stay on this channel! It’s a unique opportunity to get different perspectives regardless of age. I’m 54, late saver (in my 40s), and I benefit greatly from both of you. I look forward to your videos, no matter which one of you is presenting a topic. It’s also fun to watch when you are challenging each other.

    1. I agree. I’m attracted to the banter between the two of them. The point / counter point between young and old. It’s where the rubber meets the road. 🙂

    2. agreed with everything you said, i also follow so many channels so i like this one stop shop where i can get a range of info from both Brandon and Mark and get their different perspectives all in one channel. The Duo vids also bring a lot of value to the channel

  10. Go for it Marc! A new beginning. Love hearing your perspective as its so much more informed and trustworthy than many of the other young bucks on youtube. Always remember you can post as much or as little as you like. Its your channel and your retired so enjoy it!

  11. As a newer investor in his 40’s I love the different perspectives and variety of videos. Keep up the great work.

  12. Hi Marc. I think you have been a great addition to this channel. I enjoy listening to your sage advice as it is nice to hear from someone who has just so much experience. As a YouTuber myself, I am picky about which channels I watch regularly as I do already eat drink and sleep finance. However, you videos are ones that are on my not miss list. I would love to see a second channel as I think there is an audience for that content. I know when I look at my viewers, my biggest demographic is 45-54 years old and somehow I have 95.6% men in my audience. I am jealous of that 25% you two have lol. Anyway, whatever you decide to do, I will look forward to watching it.

  13. I’m in my 50s. Been watching you guys for a year or so now, always good stuff from both of you. I totally get why you feel there’s different interests and best-suited content for different demographics. But to be honest whatever you do I’ll still watch both of you guys however you decide to package it up. I will say that in my experience there’s a synergy to be had from working with a good partner and it’s hard to match the same energy and enthusiasm and creativity alone. Advice above and beyond just stock picks and portfolio allocation is pretty timeless IMHO, like work-life balance, retirement plans and lifestyle plans in general, tradeoffs in life goals. Retire to Thailand or Mexico? Retire at 50? Retire a zillionare? Pay for your kids college? Or a conventional retirement at 65 into a paid-off house in the suburbs with some golf and hobbies? Risks for men of picking a poor wife and having to restart from scratch at 40, with crippling support payments? For younger viewers it at least plants the seeds for some good questions, for an older viewer these topics may be pertinent in the now. I never got any advice in young years except for “balance your accounts and don’t get into debt” and didn’t even start to understand the very basics of RRSPs and investing until I was almost 40. Only recently actually am starting to feel literate and somewhat competent to manage my affairs. I wish I had had some big-picture guidance when I was a little younger, you seem well positioned to provide that. Best of luck.

  14. I just turned 30 but have been watching this channel the last four years when I started investing. To me, your channel has stood out in the crowd because you both bring unique perspectives and cover a wide swath of educational topics. Being nearly the age as Brandon, I can see similarities in my appetite for risk but it is equally important to learn from Marc’s experience and have an idea of where I am headed in the future, the things I will need to think about and plan for etc. Personally I like having both of you on this channel. There’s a lot of stock picker and finance youtubers out there, but not many with the same offerings in one place. And even fewer filling this niche in Canada!

  15. Whether you stay on this channel, or start a new one, please keep sharing the knowledge you have acquired throughout your career. I will continue to watch no matter which way you go! Hopefully retiring this year.

  16. Marc, I’m a huge fan of the segments you are featured in. I’ll be watching no matter what channel you’ll be on.

  17. Marc, I’m over 70 and a late saver. I tell my kids to watch and tell them how lucky they are to have this type of info available. Brandon appeals to the younger crowd with his enthusiasm and clarity, but you bring a calming and reassuring presence to this channel. I really hope you stay for us older folks’ sake so that we don’t have to follow two channels, but if you start your own, I’ll follow you as well.

  18. Hi Marc, I remember the day Brandon introduced you to us. I am a late investor…I was almost 50 at the time and really appreciated how Brandon was able to lay the foundation for my financial education. I was literally learning my ABCs of investing. Your arrival and input has been especially helpful, as I should be investing from a retirement perspective. I’ve really enjoyed the dynamic of the two of you when together. Either way, I’m sticking around. Maybe there aren’t many “older” viewers new to the world of investing…but you’ve be invaluable to me.

  19. As someone in between your ages, but closer to your age, Marc, I started really enjoying your imput when you joined. I want to learn from you because I am going to retire shortly, so I would welcome a second channel geared to those of us who are either retired or need to prepare for retirement soon. I would welcome topics such as funding one’s retirement in a tax efficient manner, Donor Advised funds, and estate planning. Also, let us know when you join Blossom so I might consider doing the same. Brandon is very transparent in sharing his portfolio, but he is younger and in the growth phase. I would like to know what someone in retirement might aspire to have. Anyway, I support you either way.

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