A NEW DIVIDEND STOCK I’m Adding To My Portfolio!!

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Today I'll cover Lockheed Martin stock (ticker LMT) that I'm aiming to add in my RRSP!


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A NEW DIVIDEND STOCK I'm Adding To My Portfolio!!

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About the Author: Richard Money


  1. This is your bread and butter. Videos like this are why we know who you are. We need more of this. You don’t need to be deploying cash to make a video, it can be anything. Man I missed seeing you in literally anything.

  2. Nice seeing one of these videos again…..LMT has a very small dividend yield percentage right now, & if the company is successful the dividend may increase a small amount but that will be overshadowed by rising stock price which then reduced your yield even more. So it’s an odd choice right now and if even the corporation is successful down the road, it stands to be an even odder pick….meanwhile there are dozens and dozens of pretty solid plays out there paying anywhere from 7% to 15% and those are positions I’m chasing down. The main value in your video here is helping folks see what ” due diligence” looks like, as far too many investors throw real money around ( after tax disposable income ) without doing extensive handicapping and reflection. Cheers.

  3. not a dividend stock but I just bought the dip in Palo Alto. It has turned out very well I bought the CDR at 17.02 the other day and today it’s at $19.48. I believed there was a vast over reaction to a generally really good earnings report and its working out so far.

  4. When withdrawing from your rrsp, the dividends will be taxed at your income tax rate. Won’t that likely be at least 15%?

  5. Nvda is what has kept me from being disappointment from my Tsx holdings. Had a feeling it wasn’t your pick lol

  6. It’s a part of S&P 500. Whoever has VFV and or VOO in their portfolio, no right to blame you. You do you. Happy investing ! 🎉

  7. I love that on Blossom I can see different Youtuber portfolios including yours and your dad’s and get updates when there are trades too. I did not know you were a co-founder though. Congratulations

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