5 Things I Did To Retire Early At 33 (REAL TALK)

A no-BS, heart-to-heart chat about what it REALLY takes … join me as I prepare a healthy lunch in my campervan!

00:02:13 – # 1 I got my go out of the sand
00:07:15 – # 2 I upgraded my beliefs about money
00:12:00 – # 3 I leveraged my strengths to increase my earnings significantly
00:17:16 – # 4 I kept my living costs in check
00:21:10 – # 5 I transformed my income into properties
00:24:42 – Last words of knowledge


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5 Things I Did To Retire Early At 33 (REAL TALK)

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  1. I know I said no more finance videos for a while 🤣… but I really wanted to have this heart-to-heart chat with you guys! Enjoy!

    1. Thank you. I found it very valuable and shared it with my sister. Also, your F bombs are so endearing lol

  2. I feel like a proud mother rn even though I’m younger than you 😂 congrats on all your success Rose! And thank you for all your videos, they’ve really helped me! 🙌🏿

  3. Wow. That sentence “action is what brings clarity, not just sitting down in a room and being in analysis paralysis” struck me. I always get stuck in analysis paralysis about what to focus on to achieve my goals of financial freedom. Now writing down my strengths and what value I can provide to others to help get me there. Needed to hear that. Thank you Rose!

  4. Growing up poor I didn’t learn about finances and have been too scared to confront it. Like you, I’ve been ignoring the problem, but seeing this video makes me want to take control of my money rather than running from it. Thank you for this video it makes a difference

  5. Wow Rose…best video to date! Freedom is so important…especially the freedom to make memories connecting and growing with others. So true on the “you are the average of the five people you hang around with”. Truly love and appreciate everyone in my life, but hoping to flow towards, start and build relationships with those next-level amazing people too. If/when it happens…thank you cosmos! If not, no worries…still extremely grateful and happy. Thanks Rose!

  6. Congratulations on your retirement at 33! I retired at 59 1/2. I was ready and had worked very hard for over 40 years. It is now 5 years later and I really enjoy my current lifestyle. I travel, I play golf, and I work hard at staying in shape. On occasion I reflect back at my long career and experiences. There were tons of life lessons experienced especially since I always held positions of high responsibility. I treasure those even if they weren’t always fun at the time, lol! I wish you all the best.

  7. My Girl Rose is wise beyond her years; you knocked it out of the park with this vlog! So clearly explained, anyone who listens and follows your steps is set for life. You are in such a great position to impact younger people who are just starting out. I think that a great idea for you, the next time you feel moved to talk about investing, is to show how little one needs to save starting in their early to mid 20’s versus waiting until their 30’s or later due to the miracle of compounding. An explanation of the “Rule of 72” fits right in to that discussion and gives your followers an easy way to figure out the impact of different investments they may consider. Great job Rose! You have a gift.

  8. Thanks Rose! I just turned 25 and your reflection of the last 8 years really resonates. Your impact and inspiration is huge, keep it up!

  9. I LOVE this, Rose !!! I’m currently 23 years old, college dropout, with about $10,000 in debt with school loans. This video legit lifted my spirit to know I can become financially free, like you!! 🙂 God Bless you Sister!!! Let’s keep making the Money $$$$

  10. thank you Rose, I am totally in love with you, you never cease to inspire me to have and achieve financial freedom, thank you and may God bless you

  11. Holy darn cow!! So much wisdom. I am almost 67 and wish I had thought … yes, THINKING is key. Still, I will take this wisdom and apply it to my own life. Thank you Rose!!!

  12. I’m so happy to have found you! I’m at a critical spot in my life where I have to make some tough decisions related to the next step in my career and where I’d like to move to and this helped! Thanks 💖

  13. Love the video Rose ! All great ways to save money and be able to focus more on the things that actually add value to your life.I’m a dividend investor, my husband and I have invested in the s&p500, both through my TSP with the government and through fidelity in his 401-k. Cashed out 370k from the S&P and invested with a full service broker.. Until about 3years ago we were 100% in the s&p after over 30 years. I’m retiring at the end of the month at 54, while my husband will retire next year at 59. We currently have 5.7 million in out tex deferred savings.

    1. This is goals! I’m looking at making some passive income with investment from stocks , do you mind telling who your financial adviser / broker is?

    2. Discipline yourself to have a saving habit and take risksss. Please do you mind leaving me your financial advisor’s info? or preferably i can also leave you mine if that suits you better…

    3. Donna Jean Boyette is the Pro that provided us with entry and exit points on the bond we focus on. You all can look her up on the internet and verify her yourself.

  14. I’m one of those people who was never taught anything about finance by my parents, or anyone else. I think it would be surprising how many people go through that same situation. I guess that is how the cycle of poverty is able to continue.

  15. This was so helpful, thanks!❤️ I want to try the Clifton Strengths test (34) and I was wondering if it would give me the specific direction of pursuit and it’s worth the money. I’ve done several personality tests and it didn’t give me much insights besides general career choices for each personality category.

    1. It’s definitely worth the money! Although it won’t tell you specific careers to pursue, it will tell you what specific ENVIRONMENTS and types of responsibilities you’d excel at. For example, it won’t tell you to go into acting/trading/etc but it will explain that you thrive in environments where you’re constantly challenged and encounter new things every day. Just an example! But this type of insight is priceless if you apply it. If you don’t want to spend $50, you can also try the pared-down Clifton 5 test. It’s $20 and tells you only your top 5 strengths rather than ranking all 34 strengths.

  16. Nice video like always! I am much older than you but I learned a lot from you Rose since 2020. Thank you so much!

  17. 2:26 I got my head out of the sand
    7:20 I upgraded my beliefs about money
    12:09 I leveraged my strengths to increase my income exponentially
    17:21 I kept my living expenses in check
    21:18 I converted my income into assets

  18. Another wonderful video! I’m sharing this one with a good friend of mine who’s just starting to get interested in financial freedom 🙂

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