3-Year Review Of Our Stock Picks (STOCK BATTLES RECAP) – Investing For Canadians

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Today we'll summarize our stock fights over the past 3 years!


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3-Year Review Of Our Stock Picks (STOCK BATTLES RECAP) – Investing For Canadians

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  2. Love the stock battle videos and great summary of the stock battles to date! This video really reinforces that everyone should be reviewing their stock picks and testing to see if their hypothesis was right at the time. Lots of lessons learned from practicing this regularly. Keep up the great work Brandon and Marc!

  3. Such a great video, you two again!
    I see Brandon 1-2 hours daily as new student in The Investing Academy, although I am part of the mature generation, so I can’t wait to meet you Marc and chat on May 29!

  4. In Brandon’s defence I followed him due to his Facebook call. I made about 40k off of that so meta was a win in my books

  5. ‘Stock Battle’s is one of my favourites. Of all those, I wish I had bought some KOF after I saw the battle…I almost did, which counts in Horseshoes and hand grenades.

  6. It was great fun watching it. Let’s see how it rolls in few years..

    Just a suggestions – How about AI stocks to add in the mix…

    As a young investor vouching for Brandon….

  7. I love the stock battles for the insights we get from your analyses. I would love it even more if the picks were based by sector, so the battle would be between companies within the same sector so we can understand better how sectors work (example: Utilities carrying debt, for example). Brandon: no matter whether you “won” or not, you always explained your theses behind your picks, which is really why we tune in for. You are still educating the masses, and that’s great!

  8. great picks from Marc. For the most recent ones it is too early to tell, but let’s see how they perform.

  9. Can we get an update on CVS. I did great during the pandemic yet it lost all momentum. It will be interesting to compare what Mark brought as arguments back then and if they still stand strong dispite. Thank you

  10. what a great video. I loved it. very insightful!!! you guys are great together. good chemistry.

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