3 (Non-Tech) Dividend Stocks To Buy November 2022

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Today I'll cover a few under-covered stocks that I think are trading at a fair cost! Constantly do your own research study!


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3 (Non-Tech) Dividend Stocks To Buy November 2022

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About the Author: Richard Money


  1. 0:00 Intro
    0:26 Adidas (ADDYY)
    6:41 Disney (DIS)
    11:26 Fortis (FTS)

    I’ve personally been buying some CNR and WCN in to add some balance to my portfolio with the upcoming recession crushing it, it was nice to see you mention Waste Management 🙂

  2. Great video! My only concern with FTS is the high dilution, don’t understand why. Increasing the div while increasing shares puts a significant strain on the business.

  3. *_Simply Wallstreet_*
    This is one of my favorite sites to go to for stock evaluations and of course your channel Brandon, and Adrian, from Passive Investing.

  4. Glad I did not buy DSN when you first recommended it – did my own research as passed. Looking at it now though!! OMG Father and daughter adorable!

  5. As a German, I am surprised to see Adidas on an American YT channel. I can confirm your impressions for the most part. A reduction or discontinuation of the dividend payment is to be evaluated differently in Germany. Here it is less about the shareholders, more about protecting and strengthening the company. Since we have a different pension system, the minset regarding dividends is a bit different. It would be nice to see more German companies in videos, but since investing in these companies makes little sense for you from a tax point of view, this will unfortunately not change. We have thousands of world market leaders in various fields, but for the reasons mentioned above, this is unfortunately not reflected in the market capitalization. Fun fact: Puma was founded by the brother of the founder of Adidas.
    Love your videos 👌✌️

  6. I’m from Ireland, most people there hate Nike, but you can’t count the number of people wearing Adidas. Love my Fortis. Fist stock I purchased!

  7. I’ve tried on multiple occasions to join blossom but they won’t send me a code each time. Glad to see your using stock unlock its a great platform. I’m a beta tester and there’s a lot of cool stuff coming.

  8. just bought Disney and fortis recently…and also Meta…before it dropped 20% the other day. Luckily Meta was less than 1% of my portfolio. I love tech but am glad that I don’t own many tech stocks other than through S&P 500 etfs which are very tech heavy. My suggesting is load up on S&P 500 etfs over the next year. The value is being held up pretty well in spite of the huge tech drop off by the smaller non tech companies. When the tech companies come back as they inevitably will the S&P is going to go up huge.

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