3 Harvest ETFs for MONTHLY PASSIVE INCOME In Canada 2023

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Thank you to Harvest ETFs for sponsoring today's video! Today we'll be covering 3 popular Harvest funds that all pay month-to-month dividends/distributions.

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3 Harvest ETFs for MONTHLY PASSIVE INCOME In Canada 2023

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About the Author: Richard Money


  1. damn it is actually so sad to watch you sell out like this. thank you for all the content throughout the years! i think that’s it for me

    1. YES! I initially subscribed because of his stock picking videos with his dad and the “competition“ they had to see who had the best portfolio. I’m not wasting my time on this video.

    2. What do you want from the man? He just had a kid. He is from the west coast. Very expensive out there. Give the man a break. We are all trying to do our best in this economy.

  2. The only one I like, and own of the three is HBF, because I am not interested in leverage in my investments, or debt in general. Interest rates are high presently, and when you have leverage you are paying that loan, even when markets go down.

  3. Can you do a video on how these yields are so high? Seems too good to be true. Like why would I buy anything else? They’re tempting but I’m not going to buy anything until I fully understand it.

  4. Covered calls, options and using Leverage, what could go wrong?

    99% of investors don’t even know what all those words mean or how they are actually used, if you can’t explain to somebody something in 10 seconds or less it is far to complicated to invest in and for good reason.

    These so called 15% etf’s are so new and with no track record, the first downturn or recession they will likely blow up. We will soon see who is swimming naked when this tide goes out in the next recession.

    Selling Hamilton etf’s on their utube channel and they are sponsoring this video… How nice, that’s it for me for this utube channel.

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