22 Things I Stopped Buying Since Moving Into A Van

I was shocked that I didn't miss any of the important things I stopped purchasing and collecting when I started vanlife. I realized how much of my spending had been totally mindless and unnecessary, which is why I made this video to share ways that YOU can be more intentional with your spending too (even if you do not intend on living in a van any time soon). So let's enter it!



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YNAB (I actually can't live without this budgeting app, so consumed).

Wise (like Venmo however for worldwide currencies – I utilize this app a LOT for my life in Mexico).

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22 Things I Stopped Buying Since Moving Into A Van

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  1. Beauty industry preys on the insecurity of young ladies … your a role model for your generation financial security is essential for peace of mind thanks for putting out such a good message for everyone

    1. I’ve been around the market long enough to know that these ups and downs can still prove to be highly beneficial, time and again I’ve seen people use these windows of opportunities to make millions and set up for retirement, I just don’t know how they did it.

    2. Brianna Megan and I have known each other for months and she has made me a lot of money. My last profits from her were $18,500

  2. Always wanted to do this. Sadly, I never could though. My safe is too big and if the van got jacked, there goes a LOT of wealth. It would be cool though.

  3. This is all so awesome to hear! Thank you for sharing so much of your personal journey. Me, my husband and our two young boys are currently living in an RV and have become pretty minimalist. It’s been a journey and we’ve kind of minimalized in stages. It’s been so worth it and such a relief to let go of things.

  4. I am trying this minimal methodology at home for hair & body care. Good explanations for why to cut items & alternatives to try. Ty

    1. also love books, particularly audiobooks, and speaking of paying for Audible, there are SO many free audiobooks available from libraries, don’t even need to be living near one for an account. Then you can speed them up too and for me, it’s SO much more efficient than reading the normal way. I’ll never go back. Congrats on downsizing! Did so myself, as well as vanlife, and it was amazing. Cheers!

  5. Thank you for creating these awesome videos! I have been using Thinx underwear for more than 3 years now and recently discovered they contain harmful chemicals that are know to cause infertility and irregular period to women! I love to reduce waste but I am very disappointed to find out about the ongoing lawsuit. Just want to raise awareness!

  6. Do you have a video on your current expenses, like gas? This would be interesting to try if I didn’t have a physical job

    1. I have a video next week about “What I spend in a week living in a van” where I give a detailed breakdown! Stay tuned 🙂

  7. I really needed this right now! I used to not care at all what people thought about me, but when I turned 25 a couple years ago I started getting into beauty products after building up some savings and it’s done nothing but make me self conscious! My boyfriend always tells me I’m beautiful without all that effort, but the compliments were making it so tempting to keep it up. Im cutting back to the basics now and focusing on being happy by filling my life with great memories. You are beautiful and don’t need all that clutter to have a wonderful life. Thank you for the inspiration!

  8. Rose, I have thoroughly enjoyed watching your videos. Your journey has been amazing, I see a lot of negativity in the media and it’s nice to see that people are still finding ways to create their ideal life despite financial hardship. I hope you continue to find happiness and enjoy van life and Mexico city. I’m sure that you will have some interesting ideas for future videos and I look forward to seeing more.

  9. Good job Rose. Nice to see a frugal lady is actually being smart with what she buys and don’t use “shipping is what women do” as an excuse

  10. Great video, I’ll share with my 20 yr old daughter. I’m personally getting rid of all my clutter and moving El Nido, Philippines, down sizing from 3000 sq ft house to right around 1200 sq ft.

  11. Frugality trounces inflation! 👏 Love your Savings Mentality. You’re going to be very rich, or (richer) very soon. Hope you have a journal of your travels. I see a book (opps no I meant movie) in the works. 📕🎥

  12. I’ve been keeping up with you for a while now. You are just SUCH an awesome human. I think I knew and practice most of this. But you opened my mind to a few things I could improve on. Thank you. And thank you for the reminders on what I already knew. They reinvigorated my resolve.

  13. Wow! Rose, you have made quite a transition. What a change, I’m so amazed at you. Very impressed at this massive transformation. I wonder what your parents and close friends thought? At the end of the day it doesn’t matter. It is your life, although our parents oftentimes do have a way of being impactful! Even though we are adults.
    Lastly, although it did not save me even a dime. Uggg! I purchased a live on small yacht. It too caused me, to get a rid of tons of clothes, shoes, and many extras. “Minimalism.” In hindsight, a van might have been more economical. Thanks for the share. Very cool!

  14. Thanks for this video, I got much from it
    I go through my apartment every three months or so, If I come across anything I haven’t used in those 3 months I sell it or give it away. Clutter in my space ends up cluttering my mind which leads to wrong priorities.

  15. Echoing Rose’s thought, I minimalized in the past year and it’s been incredibly enlightening. I sold my house and gave up everything I couldn’t fit in my car. I struggled for a period without my “possessions” but found a relaxed new lifestyle. It makes you consider consumption in a whole new way.

  16. Thank you Rose for sharing your insights. I think that you are absolutely correct. We are all bombarded with images and advertisements that imply that we are not good enough and we would be perfect if and when we do this or that. But in reality, we do not NEED all of these things that we want. There is nothing wrong with wanting things; but wanting what you want is very different than wanting what you need. Your closing was so spot on as well. We all can be happier if we can appreciate the things that we do have.

    I’m happy for you that you have taken that road to self discovery and awareness. No matter how many people tell you how smart or pretty you are you’ll never be happy until you can say it to yourself.

    Thank you so much for sharing your journeys with us. I appreciate all you do. And once again, it is great to have you back posting again. i, for one, missed you here.

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