2 Stocks To Buy Right Now!

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Today we'll cover 2 stocks to buy today. One Canadian dividend stock and one US stock.


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2 Stocks To Buy Right Now!

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  1. I just put some money into BNS because it had dropped so much compared to its peers and the dividend therefore is much higher. How do you feel about BNS vs TD

  2. Don’t forget EQB Brandon.. Cheapest challenger bank out right now with a massive runway for growth and dividend increase

  3. I remember it but never believed it! Even as a new investor at the time I was able to recognize the scam of ARK.

  4. Agree Brandon. I read somewhere people will make money in 2022-2023 by buying established blue chip players. So far, I must agree. I got caught up in the tech hype in 2021 and am down on all of my small positions but my RY, BCE, FTS, ENB, BNS that I own sure help me sleep at night.

  5. Love your baby carrier thing facing forward. So your daughter can enjoy the ocean view too!

    Thank you for the good content 👍

  6. TD has been and will continue to be my bank of choice❤️. It’s 26 million customers is leaps ahead of RY with its 17 million customers. All 5 big banks are stellar, including outsider NA. They have all beat the returns of the TSX over the last 25 years 💪
    Good to see you teaching your girl to work hard even on vacation 😁

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