2 Good Stocks To Buy Right Now For The Long-Term (CANADA)

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Today we'll cover Nutrien stock (NTR.TO) & Amazon stocks (AMZN).


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2 Good Stocks To Buy Right Now For The Long-Term (CANADA)

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  1. Great video Brandon. I did laugh when I saw your first stock was Nutrien as that is one I have planned for next week.

  2. I have been adding Amazon consistently over the past few weeks and will do so for the next few weeks.

  3. Thanks for the info. I was looking at Nutrien for a while. We live in a farming community and things are expanding. The three major Potatoe companies (McCains, Cavendish, and Lamb Weston) are planning on doubling thier production starting this year. That means more need for fertilizers.
    I seen the value in Amazon when it hit close to bottom ($86) I bought a few shares. Pretty happy with my ROE so far.

  4. Heck yeah, NTR. I bought some pre-Ukraine conflict and didn’t buy any more until last month when I figured the stock was fairly valued again (still averaging up from pre-Ukraine price).
    Mid-single-digit profit for it’s retail sector is good to hear; keep the company steady amidst commodity volatility.
    I don’t own Amazon, but apparently the stock trades at an average price to cash flow of 20, so it should be around fair value.

  5. With Ai & robotics amazon. Has nothing but upside in the long run. There’s no one. Else bad for employees good for share holders

  6. Hoping you see this suggestion! First time commenting, love the videos and have learned so much from your channel. As an investor I know getting into the investing game was extremely overwhelming and one of the biggest choices to make was which broker to use. I would love to see an extensive breakdown and comparison video on some of the main brokers in Canada like Questrade, Qtrade, Wealthsimple, Interactive Brokers, etc. I noticed there are some investors that split their portfolios between multiple platforms which I don’t quite understand the reasoning for this. I know it might be a longer content video because there is just so much to go over and compare, but it would be a massive help to new investors in the community and maybe even for investors that are not satisfied with the platform they use. A lot of friends and family have been coming to me for opinions on this and your channel is always the first direction I point them in whenever I need an easily understood explanation.

  7. I like owning YAMZ over AMZN for the dividend. Also don’t need to convert to USD which helps a lot.

  8. Both are great choice. I already own NTR. Thanks for reminding how much potential Amazon still has in the future. Great job Brandon!😊

  9. Thank you for the info, much appreciated. Can you do a video about TD please? I noticed other people asking in the comments.

  10. nutrien buying back stock when the price has been at all time highs and fueled by war was/is idiotic. I do like amazon though, hopefully it goes below 100 and ideally 90 again.

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