2 DIVIDEND Stocks To Buy Right Now For The LONG-TERM!!! (CANADA + US)

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Today we'll cover Riocan REIT & Real Estate Income REIT, ticker REI.UN.TO & ticker O.

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2 DIVIDEND Stocks To Buy Right Now For The LONG-TERM!!! (CANADA + US)

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  1. Good picks, already got Rio Can in my portfolio and Realty Income Corp has been on my radar for a while now. With these low prices I will be sure to buy some! Thanks

  2. I gave up on RioCan as I had it for 2 years and they lowered the dividend on me and found no growth in the stock price. It was like dead money. I sold it about 5 months ago. I kinda like Smart Centres over RioCan. In Regards to getting some top quality Real Estate stocks from the U.S. I have been buying SPYD etf for my RRSP which has Realty income as one of its holdings.and the SPYD fund distribution yield is 4.77% quarterly. The SPYD fund hold 23% real estate and 17% financials 14% Utilities this fund is down and a great time to buy with those 3 sectors getting hit hard this year due to interest hikes.and bank fears.

  3. Why would I buy a reit at the moment when I can get 2+ years over 5% in a GIC with no risk in my RRSP. Am I missing something?

    1. Just a suggestion, don’t listen to everything on the internet, it’s just Brandon’s Opinion!

    2. Say we go into a recession next year and rates are reduced by the time that GIC matures. By that point REITs will have likely taken off in value. If you’re in it for the long term, owning equity presents more upside. Over the short term you might feel dumb if the share price goes down another 10% and the yield is similar to your GIC (I’ve had this feeling myself). I don’t like speculating about interest rate moves as an investment strategy but the same could be said about locking into GICs for two years vs. riding out the market fluctuations. Consider dollar cost averaging in.

    3. It’s one of the big reasons why the stock markets are struggling to recover, not great enthusiasm to buy stocks

    4. Depends on your age and timeframe. If youre in it for the long haul and you believe rates will come down, even 2% over the next two years many of these div growers will have already rallied. Yield on cost will be fantastic, you can’t wit for the fed to tell you when to buy stocks.

  4. I really appreciate when you highlight potential good opportunities! RioCan has been on a slow decline since 2012, and I feel like the lagging effects of the continued rate hikes are not yet known. I think O has a higher potential of appreciation, but it’s really just an opinion. I still prefer BDCs over REITS on the US side.

    1. But isn’t the RE market about to crash? I understand that the Canadian market is still up because of a supply shortage, however, eventually reality will set in and slow down, won’t it?

  5. I used to own riocan after the 2020 crash, realized profits at $21. I see value in the play at 14-16.50/share. Great company and all over Toronto and the big cities.

  6. I agree on Rio Can, or perhaps you are just confirming my own bias given that I was also just about to pull the trigger for similar reasons. An excellent established player with a smart strategy around unlocking potential in urban infill in Canada’s largest markets.

    Only three other REITs I hold: Realty Income, CapREIT, and Allied Properties. CapREIT is another steady-eddie. They are in an excellent long term position as the largest residential REIT in Canada. Allied is a bit more speculative. I love their office properties and think that they are amongst the best in commercial office REITs but that space as a whole comes with a lot of risk at the moment. Potentially large upside if the office market bounces back faster than feared.

  7. Have you considered Brookfield Asset Management (BAM)? It’s Brookfield’s spin-off company, offering a somewhat good dividend at its current price. They intend to increase their dividend payout by 15 to 20% per year for the next 5 years.

    1. @Brandon Beavis Investingsorry this might sound silly.. but what’s the difference between BAM and BN?

    2. @Haasan BAM is only the asset manager (asset light), BN own 75% of BAM. BN is the mother company that own Real estate, renewable, infrastructure etc … so if you want to only touch the investment part of Brookfield, BAM is the way to go.
      Personally I own BEP+BIP and I don’t care about real estate so i have also BAM in my portfolio and I don’t want BN.

  8. BEWARE, REIT distributions are taxed VERY HIGH. They are not Canadian eligible dividends which have almost no tax depending on your income level. They are taxed as regular income which means you could be paying 53.53% tax on them if you are in the highest tax bracket. This is if you plan to hold them in non-registered accounts. In TFSA or RRSP it is ok. USA REITS I believe are are even worse for taxation and it is likely better to avoid them all together

  9. I’ve made an impressive amount of money through my portfolio, which consists primarily of tech and TSLA stocks. Could you give me some advice on any other stocks I should buy in order to diversify my holdings across markets and build a well-rounded portfolio that balances my risk aversion concerns with returns that keep up with inflation?

  10. Hi Brandon, regarding REIT, I am a bit concerned about interest rise and leverage because i think we haven’t fell the effect of mortgage renewal yet.

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