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The latest Bloomberge economic crisis design says it's a 100% likelihood we will remain in an economic crisis by October 2023. How can you get ready for a market correction?


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About the Author: Richard Money


    1. Awesome. I assume you’ve got quality holdings and you should be able to weather the storm. Cheers. – Marc

  1. I was the type to panic sell in the past, cost me 50k. This time around I find myself frustrated because I don’t have much left to invest. Deals of the century are coming up! Still investing with every SPARE cent.

  2. I generally don’t sell my top dividend stocks, because they are at least paying me to hold them. However, I started taking profits and ultimately unloaded most of my higher growth and tech stocks by late 2021…and I am obviously very happy that I did. Many of us saw what was coming and got out before the bear started biting. Now, I have plenty of cash, making some decent interest while I wait, all ready for the great deals that will eventually come our way in the coming months.

  3. I do believe that a recession is inevitable and as much as I hate to drop a 100%, I am comfortable with a 99.9%. In many ways, I kind of hope it comes sooner than later so we can get past it and look into economic recovery on the other side.

    1. I sure hope we don’t see either a 100% or 99.9% drop, but like you, I look forward to the recovery and the opportunities that will bring. Cheers. – Marc

    2. @Brandon Beavis Investing Not a 100% drop, I meant a 100% or 99.9% chance for a recession to drop. I doubt we will see more than another 20% drop from our current lows though I am even hopeful for a more conservative number.

  4. This is really good advice and you actually address a lot more things than I would expect from an investment expert. I’m already in a rough spot as I am self employed and had my work truck stolen, complete with tools. We have a nest egg that will tie us over for now, but in the longer term I’ll have to figure something out. I just turned 60 and I’m not too keen on investing a lot into a new truck, nor going to work for someone full time. Your video helps with gaining perspective.

    1. All the very best to you. Sorry to hear that someone stole your truck. Oh man…Some people has no consideration for the others.

    2. Thanks for sharing your story, Jorg, although it is a sad one. I really hope you’re able to navigate through things, and I’m really glad the video helps you keep things in perspective. Thanks again for watching. – Marc

    3. Good luck my friend. Only the worst of the scum would steal a man’s tools hence ability to provide for him and his family. Things will work out, the always do. ❤️

  5. Sold my truck and everyother thing I did not need, freed up 1500 a month on the budget. Have a decent cash postion. Invest in div stocks now or wait till deeper recession?

  6. Thanks for the tips. Video was more informative than I expected.

    I think holding dividend payers is very advantageous during times like this. Cash flow with strong companies is generally dependable through almost any crash. Cash is king too when rates are high. Can never have enough of it when borrowing is such a higher risk.

    1. Thanks, Mark. I appreciate you watching the video and your kind and insightful comment. Cheers. – Marc

  7. does recession mean that interest rate will be going down to fight oncoming high unemployment and get economy out of stagnation? Would it make sense to start buying VGLT or TLT which are supposed to go up with the interest declining? Thank you!

    1. Normally yes, declining interest rates are a tool used to fight inflation, a recessionary contributor. WHEN interest rates decline, investments like VGLT and TLT SHOULD perform well. The issue is mostly on when that will all happen. It will for sure, we just don’t know when. Thanks for your comment. – Marc

    2. @Brandon Beavis Investing Thank you, Marc. I am planning to start buying it and will DCA when rate goes up. Hopefully there no more then 2-3 rate hikes left. Would be great if you can make video about investing into treasure bonds and TIPs

  8. I keep reminding myself of what my IG advisor said, once a recession has been announced, we are on our way out. My dividend blue chip stocks help me sleep at night. All the best Marc and Brandon 🙏

    1. Nice comment, Will. Despite what you hear all over the place, a recession (at least in the US) isn’t official until it’s pronounced as a recession. In the meantime, it’s all just speculation, opinion, etc., and as you say, 100% of the time it’s official in hindsight only, and pretty much always after the recovery has begun. Thanks for watching. – Marc

  9. Hi Mark,

    Great video! I need some advice. I am a young investor and have been previously invested in XSP tracking the S&P.

    After research I think VFV is the best option for me however My XSP position is at a loss with the state of the market. Should I be selling at a loss and changing ETF or out wait the market?

    1. Thanks for your comment. Impossible for me to specifically say what you should do, because I don’t know your objectives and circumstances, but the main thing you need to factor in with this decision is whether you want the USD/CAD to play into the returns. If you can maybe expand on why you think VFV is better vs XSP, I might be able to offer some more context. – Marc

    2. Well my goal long term growth, I really dont need this money for rhe years to come.

      Looking back and I know history doesnt repeat but looking at the macro-economic environment of both countries, I can’t seem to picture the Canadian dollar ever surpassing the US.

      In addition, I might be wromg but the US grows tremendously faster than the Can and I just feel that Id be losing out on gains throughout my investment career… what are your thoughts?

  10. Marc, it shows 61 comments only a handful are shown, including mine was removed. Was there an error that happened? I so enjoy your presentation Marc and the comments are interesting as well. Anyway, I wrote that as a passive investor for years, I have learned to never sell the dividend paying stocks, especially if they are the aristocrat companies. Keeping the faith they will survive market crashes, and if in cash, I buy more on the pullback. Patience and diversification is Queen in a portfolio. Tough though to change when emotionally worried. Your writing down of thoughts is a really good idea. It would help someone to process to control that sense of urgency. Thanks Marc.👍🇨🇦

    1. Not sure what happened to your original post. Even this one was picked up by YouTube’s filter, and I had to approve it. Not sure why. But… the important thing is that it’s showing now. Always appreciate your feedback and input. – Marc

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