You won’t believe these AI generated photos… (Ep. 724)

I share some pictures created by Midjourney version 5 which was just launched last week.

The main prompt I utilized is:
/ envision prompt: An analogue photo shot with Leica from the 2000s of [place your own description of anything]– v 5– ar 16:9


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You won’t believe these AI generated photos… (Ep. 724)

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  1. It does a great job with atmospheric lighting and mimicking how fabric folds. The background faces look like something out of Jacobs Ladder though

    1. The “atmospheric lighting” actually seems to be a pretty handy way of plausibly obscuring or blurring out a lot of those fine details that the AI (or it’s developers) are well aware wouldn’t pass muster if they could be seen more clearly. Also hardly surprising that one of the pics Dave seems most impressed by, the woman lost in the mall, simulates a picture taken with a long zoom lens where the entire background is conveniently blurry.

    2. @Brian Gonigal well the foreground faces look exceptionally believable. Why does it forget how many eyes we have, when it comes to the background faces? I know it’s not a question of technical ability. It’s just very strange choices.

  2. Sorry for the lost of your pup man. I can relate lost my pitbull 1 year ago after 10yrs. Im sorry your dealing with that. Much love brother

  3. Thank you Dave for the prompt: an analogue photo shot with leica from the 2000s of a …….–ar 16:9 it has truly upped my expectations and taken my midjourney photos to a whole nother level

  4. Currently AI is good at filling in the ‘blanks’. The photography is based on sampling existing real photos, some copyrighted, and superimposing foreground elements onto them. Adjusting bokeh, burn and dodging, for the final image. It didn’t generate original bitmaps pixel by pixel. That’s why there is such a stink now among artists and photographers who have their copyrights and trademarks violated.

  5. we need a program / app that can automatically analyze whether a given photo is an AI photo or a real photo.
    Is that possible Dave?
    Flemming from Denmark

    1. We should probably also have a law that states that A.I. Generated photos or videos have to have a watermark to make sure people or experts can verify that it isn’t a “real” image but created because… this can be used in a VERY DANGEROUS way.

  6. Thanks for your insight into this new to me technology. Very sorry to hear about your Yorky 😢. I have a senior Yorky and love him with all my heart. So I understand 100%

  7. Sorry to hear of your dog passing. I hope your kids are handling it well.

    A family pet passing can be rough. Especially if it’s their first time going through it. Thanks for all your content over the years Dave ❤️

  8. Fascinating! Are these imaged generated pixel by pixel or they were superimposed based on what is on the Web?

    1. I assume pixel by pixel because the earliest versions of Midjourney are no better than a child’s drawing.

  9. It’s insane how quickly this is moving. Wait until it’s being used to generate video games, movies and even most of the stuff on the internet. The potential is limitless.

  10. Thanks. Nice to see new material. AI is where the slide rule was when calculators came out, or DOS when Windows arrived.

  11. Wow! its great a creating things by itself. It falling short at physics of things and interactions between each objects. Probably Real_world_AI training is needed to take it to perfection…. We are at a phase where we are teaching AI in silos. excited for the future..

  12. I predict that in time people will stop taking photos during trips on vacation. “Hey AI create a series of photos of my family and I travelling through Paris in 2028” All you need to input is the trip itinerary and boom it’s done.

  13. My condolences and heartfelt sympathy for the loss of your beloved Yorkie Dave and Family. Our dog passed 5 years ago and we still talk about and miss her. It’s a hard loss no matter your age and experience so I am sorry you kids have to navigate this at this time, but I know you and your wife will be wonderful in helping them get through this fact of life.

    Thank you for still sharing your thoughts with us despite your current situation.

  14. Quick question. Can we be sure that these images are really generated from scratch or maybe just existing images scraped from the internet and maybe modified slightly (filter to accomodate for camera type etc.). I guess it depends on the specific prompt, but some of them look rather generic.

  15. Sorry to hear about your little doggie Dave.
    5 friends with birthday cake… Notice only four people in done off those shots. The fifth friend is behind the camera 😮

  16. Amazing sharing! You just disproved “I beleieve when I see it!”. Took me >70yrs to get to >50%not beliving photos/videos people share over social media and now I am >80% and soon >90%!

  17. I just watched a video of a guy that put basic commands into GPT to get detailed commands for midjourney and it produced some results that were worthy of putting on the wall.

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