Why Tesla’s Optimus Will Surprise (Ep. 751)

I go over the rapid development and possible energy of Tesla's Optimus humanoid robotic, highlighting its considerable development in hardware and future enhancements in AI. I likewise talk about the robotic's ability to find out and adapt to carry out different important tasks.

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Why Tesla’s Optimus Will Surprise (Ep. 751)

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  1. good luck dave, wish your wife good luck and health. we need you back more often since Rob is gone.

  2. Over joyed to hear you wife is doing well Dave. I can’t imagine the stress this has all put not only on her but your entire family. I wish her, and indirectly you, continued health and recovery. Great report on what the robots might do. I hope they are stong enough to hold on to my dog for a walk, sometimes she likes to pull!

  3. Glad to hear your wife is recovering and doing well. As always thanks for the detailed insights on Teslas future.

  4. Cancer treatment has progressed so you have a lot of reasons to be optimistic. Best wishes. I agree Optimus does not have to be fully capable to be a significant helper. Would be amazing when/if it develops senses of heat/cold, dry/wet, and smell to really react to it’s surroundings.

  5. great insight as always Dave….BUT… forget the tesla news for one second.. im just happy to hear the progress of your wife, the news that no cancer has spread, and the lifestyle changes…. thats all wonderful news, my friend… hugs to you and your family!

  6. You have certainly been in my thoughts Dave. All the best to you and your family, and pleased to hear things are going well.

  7. God bless your family Dave. You’ve been doing a remarkable work.We were missing your videos, but first things fist! Take care of yourselves.

  8. Think of the difference between fsd for the car and job specific actions for a robot. A car needs to know how to read road signs, identify pedestrians and animals, unexpected open door avoidance, traffic patterns and a whole lot more. Comparing that to job specific tasks that are to be done over and over for factory work and you can see why Optimus will be deployed very soon.

  9. Nice to hear your wife is doing well, also nice to hear your efforts to prevent recurrence. Once of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

  10. Dave, watch the movie “The Creator”, in New Asia, where the people fully embraced the AI humanoid robots as part of daily life is how I think ultimately a future with robots will play out (unless if course some super power like America will try to wipe them out). Great movie! Elon has often said that all SciFi will become reality

  11. I’ve only recently come across your channel and am glad I did. I appreciate your outlook on things and have subscribed to make sure I hear more from you. Sorry to hear about your wife’s cancer, but I’m glad to hear the positive news. Good luck and God bless.

  12. Wow, thanks for the shout-out! I love your thoughts on this too. It’s a very inspiring future we’re looking at.

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