Why Tesla Stock POPPED (Ep. 627)

TSLA stock closed at $815.12 today, up $72.62 (9.78%) – what's going on?

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Why Tesla Stock POPPED (Ep. 627)

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  1. Dave, thanks for your YT dedication whilst traveling, and your proficient takes on TSLA.👊🏾

  2. Thanks Dave. The longer you’re on the road the more chance we have to see you with a beard! Stay safe and enjoy your travels.

  3. Dave enjoying nature with his family. Awesome dude. Hammock time….. Thanks Dave for your 2nd quarter analysis….

  4. I feel like this is the first time that I remember TSLA being up after earnings report

  5. Nailed it but mainly due to how earnings were. Everyone was expecting Tesla to go below estimates in earnings but it did the exact opposite despite this being one of worse quarters for Tesla 😀

    1. @ibrahem_taha my money stays right in my account. that’s the idea behind copy trading. my account just mirrors her trades in realtime

    2. @Corey Hammons It’s really encouraging if you’re not giving out your funds. I just looked up Mary and what I read on her is impressive. I’ll get in touch. Thanks for sharing

  6. Love that you’re back on the road living it up with the fam. Enjoy and thanks for the continued coverage!

  7. As I voted my shares I started thinking “I wish Dave Lee” was on the Tesla Board of Directors. I would particularly like to see him on an accounting oversight committee.

    1. Yes nominate Rob Mauer, Dave Lee, Emmet Peppers, Sandy Munro, Steven Mark Ryan, Tesla Investor, and Warren Redlich to a Retail Investor Board with non voting powers (strictly advisory role)

    2. @T N The Tesla board seem to be doing a pretty good job. If you know something specific they could have done better please tell us.

      I personally would prefer Rob, Warren, et al to remain independent. I’m sure someone at Tesla eventually finds out if any outside ’observers’ come up with something useful.

  8. I agree with your forecast with TSLA! My hope is that TSLA hasn’t forgotten to create a smaller vehicle with a lower cost but with all the benefits of a well designed EV!

  9. Awesome content. Thank you. When pondering what will happen in the economy…the most likely direction .gov will go is the direction that will benefit the wealthy, banks etc…. Right now, banks need tangible assets on their books. Real estate is a great tangible asset at this point in time. IMHO

    1. Q3 being the bottom is an absurd idea. Fed will stop tightening when we see something break and I don’t think we’re that close.

    2. @Elliot Humphrey U.S inflation hit 7% in December, fastest pace since 1982 . Consumer prices in Germany rose by 3.1% in 2021 . France shows a 12 -months inflation rate of 3.4% the highest since September 2008

  10. If a stock goes from $13 to $88…
    Does it really matter if you bought it at $11.24 or $13.75?
    If you find a GREAT company that checks all your boxes, invest!

    1. It won’t matter to me if it’s only a $2 or $3 difference. Yes Great companies are definitely worth investing although I would sell at some point down the road. It’s always good to hold some cash to buy when opportunities comes along!

    2. @Lexi Maddison Of course! 😃
      Everyone has different financial plans/goals. Whatever that may be, trimming, selling, holding, are all acceptable.
      Just varies person to person.

    3. @Marcus Gregory Wow! That’s incredible. How can i reach this Advisor? I need to take advantage of this bearish market.

    4. In 9 minutes, your comment got more “likes” than this video had views …
      p.s. BAAP or “buy at any price” is not a new concept.

  11. Thank you Dave, your analysis are simply great and easy for laymen “me” to understand, and they help me make sound decisions.
    Have a wonderful trip. Cheers

    1. Appreciate your feedback 👍…👆👆do well to drop a note.

  12. The thing that all of these experts fail to take into account is that the politicians will never act fiscally responsible and they will continue to encourage the FED to print money thereby worsening inflation.

    1. Yes cuz they write their own checks and they never wanna sacrifice thats why money printing is done.

    2. @Carter Parker i really am surprised that people think Dan is a doom and gloom guy. I think his take on the economy is mild. Many standard establishment economists think things are going to get bad. < The next decade is going to be rough at the very least and there’s a chance we suffer the countries second large depression. The fed has painted themselves into a corner there is no way out of. Buckle up buckaroos because it’s going to be a rough ride no matter which way you slice it.

    3. @James Savarese This is why being informed pays off. I see any market condition as an opportunity, so far i just DCA. I will still be in profits even though i decide to sell today as my average is way lower. Credit to my Financial Advisor ‘Natalie Paige Harwell’ . I don’t pay attention to the day to day movements & Returns have been good. Not retiring any time soon so who cares what happens today?

    4. @Chris Millson Look her name up she has a webpage. Also, she is renowned and regulated by the SEC.

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