Why Tesla LEADS the Robot Revolution (Ep. 739)

The most regional reasoning + real world AI structure model + information pipeline + humanoid robotics designed for making at scale.

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Why Tesla LEADS the Robot Revolution (Ep. 739)

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  1. Thanks David. How many bots can Tesla build in a yr. and in a smaller footprint. It will be exciting to see!

  2. Its hard to believe that we are now at a point where we see a future of humanoid robots in my lifetime.

    1. It’s Irobot bought to life after almost 2 decades, even the self driving evs so we can stop burning gas. That movie was prescient. 👍🏻😎

  3. Spot on Dave! And Tesla has Elon who can and will make those difficult billion dollar decisions that are so important to move quickly, ie Grok. He understands the bottlenecks ( silicon then transformers) and moves incredibly fast, both capitol and talent. He promotes missions we all believe in and employees stand behind. Elon triumphs over hate every day and yet he still thrives. He’s not crazy but 10 steps ahead! Truth is with him and synergy is compounding.

    You are spot on Dave. I’m praying for you and your family!🙏

    1. Well, first, Elon IS crazy as well….”but that isn’t important right now…”. It’s not just that Elon makes quick, major decisions; but that he doesn’t buy into the Sunk Cost Fallacy. If a major course correction on his previous decision needs to be made, he makes that just as quickly. That’s the real , almost in-human difference.

  4. I hope your wife is doing alright. My partner has almost finished her chemotherapy, and the diagnosis was 3 days before your video. Give us an update on how that’s going🙂

  5. Yes. Take the concept of local inference to the roleplaying game environment. Put all the Dungeons and Dragons rules and creatures and monsters and plants and novels and player experiences available into a ‘massive’ collection of linked databases. On the one hand, what a great resource for writing new stories and adventure modules. On the other hand, can AI actually replace the Gamemaster? Should be all sorts of fun exploring the possibilities.

  6. Great to see your posting. As always, informative interesting and to the point. Our best to you and your family.

  7. Thankks for your insightful comments regarding the importance of local inference and pointing out that Tesla is in the right place and right time! So good to see you and praying for your family!

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