What to expect for Tesla AI Day 2 w/ John Gibbs (Ep. 636)

Tesla AI Day is Friday, Sept 30, 2022, 5-11pm. What do you expect Tesla to show?

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What to expect for Tesla AI Day 2 w/ John Gibbs (Ep. 636)

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  1. The bar is very high and if Elon wants to impress the community then he’ll need to demonstrate that Optimus can understand the context of a command and execute it in a logical way. But the team probably isn’t there yet so be ready for the media to be hard on the outcome of this event.

  2. My prediction. They have different parts of the robot and show how each one works at different stations on stage. Then as a “one more thing” they reveal a complete model and it goes to each station and assembles all the different bot components. Finally the newly assembled bot and the prebuilt one take a bow to the audience.

  3. Thank you for giving us a preview of the AI Day 2. I have a question for Elon. The objectives of FSD and Bot are opposite: Self-driving focuses on collision avoidance, and robots must make collision or make contact with objects safely and smoothly, like animals and insects can do. Can Tesla solve the problem of collision?

  4. FIrst, a little robot that does real work. Then the market will open so much more.

    It would be good show me show, but also some new milestones…

    We need new platforms to be supported secondarily, like housing and building mfg that can be sent to the moon or Mars to build habitats from regolith and minimal supplies from Earth.

  5. Boston Dynamics have been at this for years. And have made amazing progress. To think Tesla can catch up, so fast … I don’t think so. I’m a super-tsla-bull and the reality is … they will show very little. #manageyourexpectations

  6. I think you really need to temper expectations. I don’t think Tesla will show something simple just to pretend. Optimus will not be another basic robot that performs programmed functions. It will likely be done with similar massive nns as fsd. Basic functionality will take a lot of time.

  7. Main problem of robots and voice assistants today is the same: they struggle to understand context of more then maybe 3 sentences. Thus have hard time to execute

  8. I want to see a bot that can recognize and memorize the voice of a “known” person and perform certain duties following voice instruction.

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