What Really Happened with Elon Musk at the Dave Chappelle Show w/ Emmet Peppers (Ep. 705)

Emmet Peppers went to the Dave Chappelle show in individual and got to see Elon Musk's appearance firsthand. Was Elon booed off the stage as CNN reported?

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What Really Happened with Elon Musk at the Dave Chappelle Show w/ Emmet Peppers (Ep. 705)

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  1. Just about the beginning – anyone can see the videos. It wasn’t a few people booing… it was A LoT of people.
    Overall, a weird situation.

    1. You are an honest person, the boos were loud for Dave to acknowledge, and even Elon tweeted about it, why would anyone lie that it was small boo when it’s clearly that loud.

  2. When converting “Woke” to a series of words of legal meaning there seems to be a utter loss of allegiance to meaningful opposition. I don’t agree with Nazi’s – so my staunch opposition is woke?

  3. He has responsibilities to investors (who are mainly retail), many of whom invested in Tesla just by his name. Tesla is late in some promised deliveries, competition is raising and the CEO of the company buys another failing company and becomes attention seeker, tweets/retweets odd, divisive messages. For what? Majority of the people don’t care politics or at least are centrist. What’s the point on wasting time on twitter instead of running his companies (including Twitter) that serves the best interest of his investors.

  4. 40 mins you guys spent on this? Elon got booed, get over it. Bad things happens to all of us in real life. I hope Elon takes this as an eye opening experience and slows down his thumb warrioring on Twitter and pays attention to things outside the digital space.
    Amazed you guys would try and rationalize a genuinely bad experience. Why would Dave invite him on stage, just to show him to the crowd, NOT talk and get humiliated off the stage. No matter how you try to spin it, this is what booing off stage looks like.

  5. If Elon wants to be a politician he should step down from being CEO of Tesla. There’s a reason why people are not politicians and officers of consumer facing brands.

    Elon is being divisive, 100% obsessed with what is frankly a stupid debate in society so on the right way to being a good politician.
    Tesla should de-couple itself from Elon ASAP if Elon wants to continue doing what he is doing the last couple of weeks.

    My comment is regardless of whether you agree/disagree with the content of Elon’s comments.

  6. I went into this neutral, but how do you pretend that people not at the concert are more honest? Like is this just a right wing channel in that manner. The people at the concert were dishonest but the people that were there lied? I cannot watch further because that statement alone is disingenuous and dishonest. People aren’t just posting to go viral sure they are hoping to but all sides are doing this to pretend that one side is doing this alone.

    Also this is a Dave Chapelle show, you can argue San Franscisco. If it was only 10 percent as you and Musk alone claim, then why did it shutdown the show. When 90-95% of fans sing along the singer can hear them. It doesn’t disrupt the show because they expect it. When the boos disrupt the show, they are nowhere near 10% and arguing they were only this small group ignores how science works in such a large stadium. Shame on this man.

  7. Elon’s political nonsense is doing significant damage to the Tesla brand. I’ve invested in Tesla and supported Elon since 2015. Now I’m getting really frustrated with Elon. He’s making enemies of his own customers and investors. Sentiment around the Tesla brand is deteriorating rapidly.

    We need a shareholder vote to oust Elon from Tesla. He needs a clear message from investors that he needs to stop with the politics crap, or Tesla needs distance from Musk.

  8. So many feel they lost money because Elons Twitter actions, so agree he needs more security sooner than later.
    He is a bit naive to get engaged in politics as well.
    He is for sure losing many ambassadors as his focus is everywhere and thus nowhere

  9. Dave I really don’t think you’re being critical enough of Elon. He obviously needs to humble himself, for not only the sake of himself, but also his mission. The guy is a god at engineering. Everyone knows that. But he now thinks he’s also a god at politics. He is promoting hatred, and does not even see that. Sure, are many of the things he is saying true, but just like Kanye’s statements, they have net negative consequences most likely.

    Examples: Fauci and vaccines, pronouns, etc.

  10. Thanks Dave and Emmet. That was a great discussion. Yep I agree Elon is trying to shake things up purposely. Social media has so much potential. Its really the route to direct democracy but people have to be engaged to make it work. The controversies are doing that. I wonder if Elon thinks that once a company gets to the top of the S-curve they get complacent and just want to keep the cash cow going. Most Social media companies are there in many respect.

  11. Good discussion. Perhaps Elon should consider how his influence will have greatest long term influence on humanity. Political discourse is ephemeral. It evaporates in second. However, technical andindustrial disruptors influence the course of civilizations development for decades and centuries. Also, beware the trap of unbridled hubris.

  12. Elon seems like such a genius for all that he has accomplished, yet his behavior lately has been superficial at best; re-tweeting rightwing conspiracy memes about Fauci? This is a new low, and is ‘triggering’ since 1,000,000 Americans died in the pandemic, including people I know.

  13. As someone who deeply admires Elon and what he is doing to make the future brighter for humanity, I wish he would tone down his rhetoric. The media is focused on criticizing everything he does and says and I definitely fear for his safety. We need him safe and healthy.

  14. Thanks for the video Dave. I started investing in Tesla based on watching your videos about 2 years ago and defended Elon to family and friends. Today, I dumped all my shares as I view this company as no longer investable. People will stop buying the cars as his views represent the brand. He does not care about investors…why should I care about his company.

    1. Lol I dumped mine too. I cannot invest in something that doesn’t quite work for the future. Or for humans. It only gives advantage to those around him.

  15. Dave, you have the dubious honour of being wrong about everything you have said about Elon and Tesla in the last one year and half.

  16. Dave, it’s very simple: Elon is out of control with the tweeting and needs to shut up. And I’m a huge fan of his, but NOBODY needs to make their voice heard this much. He is alienating customers, this is 100% irrefutable. Twitter needs to censor him.

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