What every Tesla investor should know about the APPLE CAR w/ Mark Gurman (Ep. 616)

I'm joined by Mark Gurman, Apple/tech journalist for Bloomberg and among the world's leading reporters on Apple, to go over Apple's aspirations for an Apple Vehicle, Apple CarPlay, Android Automotive, Full-self driving, Tesla, and more.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:44 – Does Mark Gurman own a Tesla?
03:28 – Summary of Apple Cars and truck history
08:30 – Difficulties Apple Vehicle development has actually faced
15:29 – Does Apple actually wish to make a car?
19:10 – Why Apple is waiting to produce a mass market cars and truck
21:00 – Possibility of Apple obtaining a vehicle company
27:20 – Apple CarPlay
37:10 – Apple ambitions with CarPlay
40:00 – CarPlay 2.0 vs CarPlay 3.0
43:40 – Will Apple include self-governing driving to CarPlay 4.0?
49:05 – Appel's reluctance to get into car hardware service
52:30 – State of Apple's autonomous driving efforts
55:15 – Is Apple still innovating? What big new locations are they targeting?
1:04:07 – Should Apple purchase Peloton?

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What every Tesla investor should know about the APPLE CAR w/ Mark Gurman (Ep. 616)

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  1. I think Tim Cook recognizes his limitations when it comes to making an Apple car. He is playing it safe by staying with the current revenue generators. A car has all the makings for a potential disaster for Apple. There is no automotive vision at Apple. Had Steve Jobs lived, it would have been a completely different story. Tim Cook is not a visionary. He is only a place holder riding the wave Steve put into place.

  2. You know, this whole discussion on Car Play is interesting as far as it goes, but the underlying assumption here “seems” to be that somehow, huge new scaling out of physical CARS (by who? every non-Tesla maker) is going to transpire just because of nifty in-cabin Car Play tech? Tesla is YEARS ahead of virtually every aspect of the EV space ….. including all the tech knowledge necessary to continually upgrade their own in-cabin tech. What has Musk continually stressed? It is EXTREMELY difficult to manufacture TO SCALE. Tesla is DOING just that. They’ve invested YEARS and BILLIONS $’s to vertically integrate their entire operation. The auto world is transitioning to EV’s, that is obvious and inevitable. Who ELSE is even CLOSE to being in the same space as Tesla regarding EV manufacturing? NO BODY. So, to me, it doesn’t matter if Car Play is “Way Cool” …. what are the others going to do? Integrate Car Play into ICE which is slowly dying on the vine? Or, SCALE OUT their own EV business to truly be a serious competitor AND MAYBE integrate Car Play into their SCALED OUT EV vehicles? The REAL issue here is not how “Cool” Car Play is, but what is it going to be part of? A DYING ICE business, or the new era of EV, which is dependent on how manufacturers scale THEIR OWN EV business?

    1. This basically summed up my thoughts. There is NO robotics advantage aside from, potentially, apples chip manufacturing….I don’t see the hype about “apple car” either.

    2. Tesla had the advantage of being the new kid on the block and was able to get away with glitches and bugs in the first decade of production for the simple reason that they had only one way to go and that was up in terms of quality and reputation. It took them a full 10 years to make their way through production hell to where they are today producing an absolutely top notch car comparable to the best out there. Apple, on the other hand, has everything to lose if their initial offering in the car market is anything less than perfect. Since getting a new car into production takes a minimum of 3 years of production to work out all the bugs and issues, Apple would be taking a HUGE risk doing this given that it is absolutely certain that their initial car offering WILL have issues. One also has to consider that Apple has never actually manufactured anything that has their name on it. They are a design company, not a manufacturer which means that they will likely sub out the actual manufacture of the car and that further poses a risk because you are now dependent on a third party to get it right. All in all, it would be diving into totally new waters for them to consider making a car.

  3. Great conversation and observations! Being an investor in both tsla and aapl for the value they both bring. Tesla has established a meaningful set of subscription based revenue streams (premium connectivity, FSD, insurance(to some degree)). Both companies will continue to expand value over time. Very curious to see if an Apple Car OS will push broadly in non-Tesla vehicles in 2023 and beyond. Agree that Apple not making TV and not making vehicles – can sustain huge software based revenue / margins. Risks of getting into automotive manufacturing and operations is costly.

  4. Dave brings some clever calmness to Youtube finance channels! Opposed to Meet Kelvin! (on purpose typo)

  5. Dave – You are the Platinum Standard of leading edge topics concerning Tesla. What a great interview with Mark. Thanks for all your incredible work and results…

  6. Even if Apple could create their own car, it still makes sense to have Car Play in other cars. No one company can dominate the auto industry, and not using Car Play will only hurt their bottom line.

  7. Apple has many opportunities to deeply penetrate the automotive world, early steps have already been taken. Logically, with major dislocations coming in the industry, one or more buyouts or strategic partnerships will present themselves. Apple is thoughtful and decisive with a large war chest. I expect all to be brought to bear when Apple moves.

  8. Thanks Dave this interview underscores and confirms my decision to sell Apple and buy Tesla stock thank you

  9. I think I’m aligned with most of the comments below. Apple’s a brilliant company at creating and sustaining ecosystems. The Apple Play in cars is a very interesting concept and I think could be the lifeline that most of the legacy automakers are going to need. But in terms of Apple actually building an EV themselves, I’m not there quite frankly, even if they acquire a company. Apple, with the greatest respect, doesn’t itself manufacture its current lineup of products; they outsource it all. And even these outsourced products are far simpler than EVs. In terms of autonomy, other viewers have raised the point I want to: Apple (and others) don’t have the data. Full stop. And lastly, again with greatest respect, Apple has a super lower level of real working knowledge of batteries within a transportation application (design, manufacturing, energy density, thermal management systems, varying charging rates, huge spectrum of temperatures the battery must operate in, etc.). As one of the biggest aspects of an EV is batteries, I don’t think Apple has any business playing in this arena. My iPhone’s battery has definitely improved with subsequent model upgrades, but it’s performance, including charging performance, leaves a lot to be desired.

  10. I think that unlike lucid, Tim Cook ran the ROI analysis of the car hardware and so far can NOT find a favourable gross margin.
    Thanks for the superior content Dave.

  11. If we assume ICE sales continue to decline and other EV OEMs can’t scale like Tesla (or even go bankrupt), Apple will have a difficult time with this CarPlay strategy. IMO

  12. It’s easy to be an investor during the good times.It’s hard to be an investor during the hard times. If you want to be a successful investor, YOU MUST be able to master your emotions and continue to invest in both types of markets. Especially when assets are on sale.

    1. The stock market behaves the way it does, because there will always be people who: – sell at highs bringing it down – panic sell due to it dropping, bringing it lower – buy at the lows, bringing it back up – buy back in while it’s rising

    2. For you to succeed in the market a proper strategy is required and you need to always monitor the lines, great investors/traders do not panic on the dips because that’s when they make their profits.

    3. Investing with a professional is a great way to build a well-structured investment portfolio. That’s why I’ve been working with “Donna Jean Boyette ” on my portfolio. Since most traders tend to go into the market and get out at a quick 10% to 20% profit, I’ve learned to be patient with the market. However, because it trades at a P/E ratio of 40-50, they miss out on the enormous returns.

    4. David , How can i reach this? i have tried on my own in the past but never really made something of of the market.

    5. My consultant is Donna Jean Boyette . I found her on a CNBC interview where she was featured and reached out to her afterwards. She has since provide entry and exit points on the securities I focus on. You can look her up online if you care supervision. I basically follow her trade pattern and haven’t regretted doing so.

  13. Outstanding interview! One of your best. Tons of information here. Very valuable video. Thank you, Dave!! I think Tesla’s huge advantage of opening their superchargers to other EVs could lead to the next natural step of licensing their UI (with FSD) to other EVs. Fantastic opportunity for Tesla. But Apple stands to be a big competitor in the auto UI space.

  14. The question is how does Apple plan to get into autonomous without vision data of real world miles and what’s happening around the car. Plugging into systems of existing OEMs with CarPlay will help in understanding the car, but not autonomous driving.

  15. I’ve followed Apple for many years and spent five years with them. I just can’t see them coming out with a mass-produced BEV…unless someone on the order of Tesla produces it for them. There is no way that they or anyone else is going to go from zero to mass production on any vehicle. There is just too much that needs to be learned incrementally to get to the actual point where successful, economically sustainable mass production is possible.

  16. Love Mark, huge respect to him for what he’s done for the apple community. I’ve had every iPhone since their 1st one. BUT he’s very hopeful and doesn’t understand how far ahead Tesla is on AI, software and manufacturing. Tesla has thousands of engineers working on AI but he thinks apple can do it with a hundred in 5-7 years? Tesla has millions of cars on the road and billions of miles of data. Not only that but he said apple will release a car without pedal and steering as their 1st because they want to be perfect and not have regulator problems. They can’t afford to have something wrong with a car to damage the brand. Does he not realize apple is not immune to issues even with their phones? Bend gate, battery restriction, etc? Not only that but he mentions apple will have service centers comparable to the genius bar. Teslas service centers aren’t even robust yet.
    All of these are working against them plus so much more and apple can’t even keep the same apple car team together. 95% employee revamp? Hmm… I don’t think apple will pull it off with a couple hundred people. Good luck

  17. Apple just further proves how crazy impressive Tesla really is. Both tech and automakers are struggling hard outside of their expertise. Blending all of the fields sounds like a nightmare, which Tesla has/is excelling at. Great video, Dave!

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