What Elon Musk just said – TSLA Earnings Call Highlights (Ep. 626)

Elon Musk and Tesla's management group shares crucial updates throughout Q2 quarterly incomes call.

Listen to Tesla Q2 2022 earnings conference call:

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What Elon Musk just said – TSLA Earnings Call Highlights (Ep. 626)

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  1. I think somewhere it was mentioned software will be a larger part of their business. This is probably an understatement!

  2. I don’t see FSD being solved in 2022, I think that’s just Elon talking to pump up the team, but whatever.

    1. He’s said earlier in the year it would be better than a human driver. There are a lot of bad drivers..

    2. @dtz1000 he is a visionary that can talk the big picture but the team cannot get his vision realized. in summary, a loose cannon

  3. Hi Dave! The information is great and concise, just the way I like it! Keep it up!! 💪🏼

  4. The fact the price has gone back down again after such positive news is a stark reminder that we are still in a bear market.

  5. Dave, I want to thank you for delivering the straight scoop on Tesla. Calm an well-informed is appreciated by this investor.

  6. Tesla stocks did so well in 2020 and early 2021 but you cannot say same today, Tesla stock is volatile and has suffered several corrections along the way to its current high valuation. And if the stock reacts as it did during the 2020 stock split, waiting may not be the best decision for investors.

    1. @Terry George be more selective with your stocks. Companies are in the green, you just might have to do more research.

  7. Wow, what a great and amazing video, it was interesting and educating. The mistake most people make is waiting till it is too late before investing. This is the time and season when bold steps are to be taken, wealth begins in the mind.

  8. I have the FSD Beta and I would be amazed if they have it sorted by year-end.
    I love Tesla but the FSD still has an awful long way to go before it can meaningfully self-drive.
    What I have, is sadly still not even close.

    1. I have it in both our cars. I really don’t think Level 5 is even possible. Certainly not by end of this year. Every time I go driving now, I’m thinking about all the little things you have to do and notice, even out of the corner of your eye while you’re driving. I don’t think we will ever duplicate the human brain in a chip.

  9. Thanks very much for your solid earnings call summary. As always easy understandable and on point 👍

  10. Nice analysis and summary, Dave. Thanks for deploying your years of financial knowledge for us to get the big picture. Invaluable.

  11. Great review of Q2. What no-one has mentioned – another profitable quarter means Tesla’s ‘junk’ status is now even closer to being upgraded to ‘investment grade’. This; when it happens, will force more institutions to buy into Tesla stock.

  12. If they are exiting this year with 40000k/week…… and assume they would be at that rate in the whole of Q4 instead. 13 weeks * 40000 = 520000 cars. So Daves estimation of 455k in Q4 is probably in the right ballpark.

    Annualized for 2023 (without any progress at all =unlikely ) this will be 520k*4Q= 2 080 000 runrate during 2023 (at minimum !). A walk in the park because they will ramp production in 2023 as well.
    But 2024 is the real interesting thing. If they expect 50% growth even this year they must increase output by 1M in one single year. Fremont is maxed out (possibly) by then. So that growth must come from 3 current factories in Shanghai, Grünheide and Texas. Doable if expansion in Berlin continues and no s.c. “green talibans” delay the build out of sustainable disruptive factories vs legacy ICE auto. Texas expansion is no worries even tho current factory has room for growth already. But when looking into 2025 (and 50% growth again?!?) we must expect more factories coming online. Considering build time we can expect a new giga location revealed within 6 months.

  13. You aren’t tested until a company you own and believe in is down 30-40-50% from its highs. You will question your conviction, your strategy, your process. The market has a way of finding your breaking point. Nothing tests your conviction like falling stock prices.Tesla stock dipped severally, resulting to
    about 40% drop in the shares value so far.

    1. The key is knowing what you own and
      getting the best price possible. Falling
      prices give you the opportunity to lower your average cost. It’s a gift.

    2. Buying during a panic, selling during
      euphoria, and holding on when you are
      bored and just craving a little action.
      Investing is 5% intellect and 95%

    3. These days the best way to come into
      the market space is patience and
      seeking guidance when necessary, due
      to my line of work i can’t handle my
      portfolio so i just copy the trades of
      “Donna Jean Boyette “, a financial advisor i saw on Bloomberg business news. It’s been smooth since then. I have saved myself from all the hassle that chaotic market causes.

    4. @Steve Nesbitt How can I contact this advisor of yours? because I’m seeking for a more effective investment approach How good is this person at portfolio diversification, particularly with regard to digital assets?

    5. My advisor is” Donna Jean Boyette ” In terms of portfolio diversity, she’s a genius. You can glance her name up on the internet and verify her yourself. she has years of financial market experience.

  14. I’m Excited for Tesla’s future
    Should I buy before split or after split? Too hard to decide. I‘ll do both.

    1. As with any big financial decision, it’s important to keep your guard up for economic risks. However, smart planning, time management and seeking advice from a financial adviser can help keep you and your money safe.

    2. @Marco Polo I agree with you. I ventured into stock with less than $100,000, and now I’m about 17,000 short of half a million dollars. Credits to Nicole Ann Sabin. She’s verifiable.

    3. @Marian Parker Thank you so much for this referral. Lately i’ve been thinking on how to balance between saving and living.

    4. @Margaritas 🍸 Out of curiosity I looked her up and surprisingly she seems really proficient. I can see she has worked with top notch companies like Newport Group Securities

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