Wall Street reacts to Tesla’s earnings – Buy or Sell? (Ep. 587)

I share my thoughts on various responses from Wall Street analysts relating to TSLA newest quarterly incomes, Elon Musk, and Tesla's competition.

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Wall Street reacts to Tesla’s earnings – Buy or Sell? (Ep. 587)

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  1. LOL at Dave trying not to laugh as he tries to acknowledge and react to Brian Johnson’s assessment

    1. Noticed the same thing. “It’s hard to short a stock that executes…” Brian is quite the reluctant optimist.

  2. The moment MSM actually begin to understand and support Tesla… I will be worried about the company, same goes for many analysts. Tesla out plays every player, they make moves to support where they want to go not where they are (like in hockey they look to where they want the puck to go) and they THINK MORE THEN 4 STEPS AHEAD THEN TAKE ACTION. They have planned that have levels and they see obstacles as another opportunity to pivot and improve. It not common for people to do this so I get why most are left scratching their head and that means most will be left well behind in their dust.

  3. My biggest problem – I have no more cash to buy more shares! If I would have I go directly into Tesla 😉

  4. Wall Street truly suffers from a lack of imagination. Just looking at what Tesla offers today and beginning to project on the positive effect that will have before you add in what could come next makes this is no brainer. Ironically if you can’t see anything but what is right in front of you, you will not be able to see where Tesla is going. Elon said in this last call that those who LISTEN CAREFULLY will understand the impact of Tesla bot. I have been saying that those who listen carefully in all of their past calls would have had a jump on what is coming next and why it is so exciting. Did it take a little bit of imagination? Yes and so far it’s not only paid off, it’s left me surprised when Tesla has exceeded what I had imagined!

  5. One other point you could make about Tesla’s valuation compared to its market share is that their valuation SHOULD NOT ONLY be compared to other big autos. They’re vertically integrated and effectively a composition of a number of startups (FSD, OEM supplier, Insurance, Energy). So that analyst was making a false comparison.

    1. This rarely gets the air time it deserves. If ever. Folks of talking box are to focus on the short term. Need to thing long game system.

  6. Thanks Dave. I have learned that many analysts do not research Tesla thoroughly enough. They do not have the will or the time to deep dive properly. Secondly they think of it as a car company and use their car analytics dashboard to value it as a car company. They would be better to understand Tesla as an energy company that makes cars. Possibly they would see the bigger picture and the multiple s curve growth that is ahead in the next 2-10 years as each curve amplifies Tesla car metrics. IMO It’s a mistake to short term trade Tesla. If you spend time doing a deep dive on Teslas fundamentals you will realise that Tesla is what Apple was and much much more. Dave Lee’s work is incredibly helpful. Buy low and keep the shares for at least 5 years. IMO Tesla will continue its meteoric growth YoY, however its share price will be suppressed in the short to medium term until macro factors like inflation / rate hikes, Russia, China have played themselves out. Because of this I am not expecting a massive share prise rise this year even though Tesla will grow exceptionally. I will obviously be happy to be wrong here. But I am a firm believer that once these macro factors are less distracting Tesla share price will rise dramatically, albeit that it will have a few 5:1 splits along the way.

  7. I have been watching Wall street for well over 50 years, it has been really hard for me to find clear examples of them being accountable for their actions.

    1. One of those factories is also the largest in the world and the other is not a lot smaller…

  8. You nailed it Dave once again, I agree totally, Tesla is building its ecosystem and making huge progress everywhere I look.

  9. The danger of “competition coming”, this isn’t happening anytime soon. The problem the competition has is battery constraint, the supply chain of batteries will prevent anyone else from manufacturing EV’S at scale for the next 3-4 years.

    1. I see no real competition this decade. There will be pretenders, and at some point even a few companies that technically qualify as competition: similar performance in the same class and possibly selling for around the same price, but none that also have a decent charging network and are produced in large enough volume for Tesla to notice in the market.

    2. Even if competition comes at volume and so on, say VW miraculously gets their act together or something, EV demand will exceed EV supply by a lot for the next decade, and Tesla will always be the best or among the best choices (even if you are a Tesla hater you have to admit that). So Tesla is a no risk company growing super fast for the next decade at least with nice profit margins…how is this a hard call for anyone.

    3. Most of the so called competition is only producing enough vehicles to meet standards or to be eligible for programs or to simply say they have an EV. They aren’t even TRYING to produce in any mass volume because they don’t want to.

    4. @John Vanderbeck Most of the competition could not achieve mass market production volumes because the battery cells needed simply do not exist, and the mines needed to supply the battery cell factories needed to change that also do not exist. Battery cell supply will be increasing, but it will not keep up with EV demand for a while as mines take a long time…

    1. @Chris Gage China isn’t and enemy yet sure there people are suspicious because the government has full authority. However if they take this time to take Taiwan well then it would be a different story. But the people who run China have been enjoying prosperity for years now thanks to doing business globally.

    2. China – see “the china rule”
      Berlin – home of the worlds best car
      Texas – home of the good ol pickup

      Build factories in your enemies backyard.

  10. Competition won’t just come out of the blue. You can’t suddenly make 1M EVs from nothing. Even Volkswagen can’t do it.

    And generally these analysts know so little, even just about the industry, it hurts physically.

  11. I don’t have any plans to sell TSLA anytime soon, so if Wall Street “analysts” find a way to drop the share price to $150-$300 per share, I’ll be happy to buy more shares. I don’t invest day-to-day or quarter-to-quarter. I look at years from now, and I’m ecstatic about Tesla’s outlook.

  12. Competition ? GM made less than 500 EV’s this quater and spent hundreds of millions advertising EV’s hugely benefitting Tesla.
    500k- 1 million in advertising per car sold… If that is the competition I am not worried…

  13. IMO Elon has never sounded this relaxed, confident & upbeat about Tesla. I tweeted that my conviction after the EC rose from from 100 to 1,000%. I was not the only one. Thanks, Dave!

  14. When an “anal-yst” says that a car with over 1.3 million pre-orders is a ‘”low volume” car they are just a liar. Anyone still singing the competition is coming song is either a liar or catastrophically stupid or both. Even if competition did come, EV demand is more than double supply so Tesla would still sell everything it could make.

    I keep seeing BS “reviews” of, for example, the new BMW i4 that weighs 750lbs more than the Model 3 and has just over half as much cargo space and a rear seat that is good, for children, claiming it is a better car. No it is not, come on.

  15. I find it amazing that Tesla just launched two massive factories and have paid off all of their debt. “The competition” has no chance. They are all in debt up to their eyeballs and keep spending more to produce products that people no longer want.

  16. How on earth are the competition able to replicate Tesla ecosystem? The fact that Elon is right across just about every aspect of his business, including details down at the level of planning for supply chain constraints to make sure Tesla is able to continue making cars right through to vertically integrating every aspect of car manufacturing and support is breadth-taking. From the very minute to the very big picture, Tesla is miles ahead of the competition, despite the fact that each competitor only has to focus on their niche areas.

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