This is insanely bullish for Tesla. (Ep. 604)

Is AGI visiting 2029? I look into what Elon Musks thinks on this, Tesla's humanoid AI robotic aspirations, and effect on TSLA.

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This is insanely bullish for Tesla. (Ep. 604)

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  1. every time Elon makes a prediction, I remind myself he also said “I’d rather be optimistic and wrong than be pessimistic and right”

  2. I used to think they could make it by 2029, but the pace of progress of AI over the last two years really hasn’t been that fast. Maybe by 2039 we’ll have AGI.

    1. @Nicholas N.
      You’ve been watching Tesla as a company expand on an S curve for at least 12 years.
      At first it seemed very slow.
      Essentially “flat”.
      Recently it’s trending towards vertical.
      The same is happening with EVs in general.
      Why do do you think machine learning is any different?
      At first it’s huge amounts of data going through a relatively slow, unsophisticated computing system.
      Then it begins to flip.
      The compute speed and quality increases, while the data remaining reduces.
      It’s going to move VERY quickly at some point (soon)

    2. @Alan May
      Wow! You’ve seen inside the lab!
      Oh? You haven’t??
      Then what are you talking about?
      Don’t base what they’re doing on your perception or ability.

    1. DM let’s talk about investment /advice on trade,,,,📩

  3. Thanks Dave!!Great info, keep up the great analysis and enjoy yourself and your family!! GIDDYUP!!

    1. DM let’s talk about investment /advice on trade,,,,📩

  4. TBF Elon has a very very long track record of under estimating how long AI milestones will take to achieve. See FSD promises.

    1. DM let’s talk about investment /advice on trade,,,,📩

    2. He used to estimate what “X number of Elons” could do in a given time.
      One time he’ll be right.

    1. DM let’s talk about investment /advice on trade,,,,📩

    1. DM let’s talk about investment /advice on trade,,,,📩

  5. Come on, folks. Elon is already years behind on his FSD prediction. Can we focus on cars first before talking Mars and robots?

    1. DM let’s talk about investment /advice on trade,,,,📩

    2. And if FSD is a BIGGER computing problem?
      In that case, when they solve FSD the robot system is “done”…..?

  6. I take Elons “AGI by 2029” absolutely not serious. It won’t happen by then, way too early. Unfortunately we will have to wait to see who is right 🙂

    1. DM let’s talk about investment /advice on trade,,,,📲

    1. DM let’s talk about investment /advice on trade,,,,📲

  7. What scares me about AGI is that humans aren’t ready. Its hard enough convincing them of the capability of algorithms. They are just naively confident that an app cant hijack their free will.
    People will be play dough in the hands of AGI.

    1. DM let’s talk about investment /advice on trade,,,,📲

  8. Dave, thanks for this interesting video. Am I mistaken that Elon Musk recently stated that AGI needs to be solved for FSD to work ? If this is true, then the 2029 projected date bodes badly for FSD ?

  9. Hopefully my M-3 will last through 2029 and FSD could drive me soon. I got cut off from driving FSD over the weekend driving by not holding the wheel hard enough? I fully trusted my FSD to drive me but got canceled instead!,,

  10. People don’t even realize these robots even exist.
    They see videos and dismiss everything as CGI, they cant accept that robots can already outdo them at many physical tasks. Not to mention speed, strength and endurance.
    What exactly about Tesla bot makes even a prototype impossible to people?

  11. I think it’s important not to conflate FSD/Humanoid Robot with AGI. FSD is a purpose built machine learning software that is learning to drive (hopefully everywhere on earth), it is not going to solve physics problems or be able to build a space ship to go to Mars. Same is true for a Humanoid Robot, it may be able to work in a factory, clean your home, cook a meal etc. but that is not thinking for itself it’s still just doing what we tell it to do. AGI on the other hand is thinking for itself and doing what it wants to do.

  12. I see the robots capable of tasks. After you get your robot you then purchase an ap. for each task. Many people mention house work, laundry, and gardening. Any type of manual labor would have an ap.. Making the software for each task is a big job. but once it is done copies of software cost next to nothing. If the robot can be trained instead of programmed it could be trained by the best in their field. For many tasks not much intelligence is required.

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