This AI Project Changes Everything – w/ GPT4ALL creator (Ep. 726)

I talk with Andriy Mulyar, the developer of GPT4ALL, on how he developed a chat GPT AI agent that can work on a laptop computer without a wifi connection. We discuss the recent AI advancements that made this possible and his outlook on the future of where AI is headed.

Andriy Mulyar wished to note that Yuvanesh Anand (Twitter:) is first author of the technical report and gathered the information to make it possible.

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This AI Project Changes Everything – w/ GPT4ALL creator (Ep. 726)

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  1. What a fascinating, smart young man! Dave, congratulations for bringing Andriy Mulyar on your blog and letting us hear and see his brilliance and evidently, fair intentions. I plan to follow him and his coworker, Yuvanesh Anand. Refreshing!

  2. Is he going to add GPU (Nividia) acceleration? Been looking for an easy-to-install local interface that uses the GPU but still haven’t found one.

    1. @R DOTTIN exactly. Speaking of SD, could someone create a Automatic1111 for LLMs that works with Windows! The creator of that managed to get GPU acceleration working on Windows. Just ask him how he did it.

    2. @Metatron It hasn’t been properly implemented yet. My experience is telling me that I’ll probably run into problems on Windows so I’ll just wait.

  3. 😮 It’s only been three weeks since I discovered Stable Diffusion on my own computer. Now I can run a chat bot too? Wow.

    1. You could run a chatbot a long time ago on your computer with a better interface before ChatGPT, and better than this one.

  4. Great job. Noble, ambitious, and highly useful. For commercial enterprises, though, the real GPT-4 is light years ahead of 3.5 Turbo.

  5. Does it maintain a context or is it strictly single prompt input to single completion output? The beauty of ChatGPT is that you can iterate on an idea.

    1. Assuming the token capacity is high enough you can always bring your context with you to the next inquiry

  6. I think we are looking at a convergence of technologies here, the data, the models, the hardware, the low barrier to entry

  7. I find it really sad that Andre Karpathy is now working for “OpenAI” which should better be called “ClosedAI”. I really dislike it that the original idea to be open about what they are doing was thrown out of the window and for sure it is only for commercial interests of Microsoft. That would be a nightmare, if Microsoft would become the leader in AI.

  8. question to Dave….. Will it now be possible to create a usable translation program, which can be used when you want to talk to, for example, a Chinese person live??? Thanks for reply.

  9. Great shout-out for the Raspberry Pi foundation and their Pi models. Together with GPT4all what an incredibly exciting time ahead for Pi and GPT4all founders!

  10. Attention people, don’t confuse this with GPT4, this is not GPT4, the name they put means GPT for all, but they reduced the name to be smaller GPT4all

  11. Great work bringing this out to our attention Dave! This is truly ground breaking and helps keep the State of the Art AI in the Open Source realm. The concept of model to model training is brilliant. Once models are seen as entities and have motivation and the ability to pub sub to each other we will see the new age of machine intelligence explode. Models / entities / agents will interrogate each other at machine level speed and grow beyond our abilities in short order. Whilst they will not / may not become self aware or conscious they will be able to excede out abilities in most reasoning, thinking and execution tasks. Thank you Andriy and Dave great interview and great work!

  12. Despite the challenges, I believe that Elon Musk has a good chance of being successful with his based AI. He has the resources, talent, and drive to succeed. I am excited to see what he will accomplish. BARD

  13. 📌 *Nice video, love how you take your time to educate your viewers. You gave me the mindset to invest before my retirement now I have made profits over $310k Right now and still making more , I am enjoying a good life with what I made investing. Indeed ‚building a Portfolio income (investing) through a licensed investment adviser is one out of many ways to earn passive income , God bless you for giving me the courage.*

    1. Quite impressive but HOW!!?😊 I know it’s possible, my colleague at work got her first investment return of 40K after two weeks and she quit the job , I would appreciate if you show me how to go about it..

  14. How likely is it that gpt like technology in it’s present state could be used to cause havoc? Particularly cyber issues. Like if a lunatic hacker or group wants to use it for bad, could they do damage? If so then I think people should be discussing prevention and preparedness.

  15. I saw a general intelligence as being able to create like smaller AIs for thought processes. This chatty is good for like a distributed creativity. The other thing it needs is some sort of constant dynamic natural input.

  16. Thank you so much for explaining this fantastic endevour. And for you humbleness. The world is a better place thanks to people like you two are 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🪄

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