The REAL reason Tesla is increasing prices (Ep. 616)

What do you consider Tesla's newest cost boosts?

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The REAL reason Tesla is increasing prices (Ep. 616)

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  1. Thanks Dave, I’m hoping to get a model Y, I’m in the UK and am waiting for the German made cars to be imported.

    1. @John Catania All models historically were over optimistic on price and timing, under delivered, but over delivered on specifications and more recently on production cap.

    2. Nothing wrong with the Shanghai cars coming to the U.K. perfect build quality, had mine over a year.

    3. @Commuter branch line thanks for your reply. I currently have a car on a pcp which is due to finish march next year. Currently Tesla are saying model Y delivery is December to February, I’ve just checked, so I might have to order now.

    4. @Bo McGillacutty Crap! i’m not paying 100k for a vehicle. guess i’ll have to either wait for the price to drop or buy a used one. Welp, there goes my deposit! 🙁

    5. @John Catania I’ve never bought a *new car* in my 46 yrs of driving, normally a very bad “investment”. Greatest cost is depreciation, often say $5k per yr.

      It will only take a few yrs for the used market to come down and plenty of new $30k options, mostly from China but very good machines.

    1. Yea but that’s another reason why they don’t need to raise prices. There margins are crazy high ( very profitable), there build quality it horrible. Tesla people are like yes I’ll pay 80k for MYP and still have gaps. We have quarter of the price competition with Supior build quality even a trunk shade…wow. Wow even a powered frunk too… I think the value of Tesla is going in the wrong direction. This is coming from a Tesla fan boy as well.

    1. I think they are doing exactly that. February 2023 will be much better, we just need to give Tesla time to enact its continual expansion.

  2. thanks dave….Zach is an awesome guy..he knows what is to be done and when to be done……

  3. Amazing how other automakers are increasing the prices of their cars to try and make a profit while Tesla is increasing prices in part to suppress demand

    1. GM is lowering EV prices, assumption is due to low demand… or people don’t want a car that will self immolate lol

    2. @Monterino Overson I agree with that. GM scrapped their EVs last century, they are feeling the karma still from that brain dead suicidal move.

    3. Surely they wouldn’t be price gouging to take advantage of high demand… Sweet, innocent billionaire Elon. I own a Tesla but not giving them a pass on this one.

  4. That’s how they rationalize it. But let’s be honest. They do it because 1. They can and they want to optimize profits 2. To make waiting time for customers reasonable and avoid scalpers selling at a markup.

  5. Funny that those who sold some TSLA shares last summer to buy a Model Y turned out to be the biggest winners. The stock went down and the car appreciated significantly!

  6. Increasing prices also potentially discourage customers on the waitlist to cancel their orders which is locked at a lower price. 😉

  7. I agree that you’re right; inflation, however, always seems to lock in price increases and orderers now do not know that this isn’t so. [A 2x negative for you, Dave].

  8. I pick up my M3P today!! Glad they lock in price at time of delivery. I would be so mad if my price went up today.

  9. WOW! This is some crazy news to wake up to. I bet people who placed their orders already are glad they did. I look forward to the day Tesla can reduce their prices, but understand the why and accept that, today is not that day.

  10. The problem I see with this logic is the human nature factor. People get FOMO and want to order a Tesla before the next price increase (worked on me). This could actually INCREASE demand.

  11. Good reporting Dave. I love that you keep it SHORT and not 20 or 30 minutes : )) Keep that up. Cheers. These $6k price increases literarily added $6/share in PROFIT/earnings, yet the stock went down……HOW is that?

    1. Lot of investors draw the wrong conclusion, fed by FUD. The narattive goes something like: “price increases, so that must mean demand is down. Uff now I’m scared so i sell.”

      In short term, yes, stocks will go down and most likely a crash is coming. But in the long term, If tesla sells 20 mil a year as they are aiming for, this short term thinking is irrelevant.

    2. Good point. I have concluded that there is no logic to short term price fluctuations in the stock market, but long term Tesla will be a good buy.

  12. This is by far the best YT channel to follow. Simple, short and right at the point of subject. NO BS.

  13. Inflation is just an excuse. In no case you want to have huge wait times, which creates a distorted 2nd hand market of new vehicles. If anything Tesla acted far to slow in their price increases for ideological reasons, “keeping their cars affordable”. Sweetspot is probably between 1-3 months wait time.

  14. An additional benefit is it increases the value of used Tesla’s–both for owners selling and for Tesla on end of lease returns.

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