The Inside Scoop on Tesla’s Next-Gen Vehicle (Ep. 721)

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New details about Tesla's brand-new gigafactory in Mexico from the Mexican governor of Nuevo León, and reported by The NY Times.

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The Inside Scoop on Tesla’s Next-Gen Vehicle (Ep. 721)

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  1. Thanks Dave. You and several other know that Tesla announced some great stuff. Thanks for your content

  2. I don’t think the permitting will hold them back any. I imagine that a lot of work is first needed for the custom design of the whole operation before much groundwork is done.
    It will be fast though….as fast as humanly possible. 😊

  3. The site is large. Maybe there will be room for a ton of solar and a battery farm so Tesla can consume most of their own self generated electricity. IMO if we see a NextGen vehicle roll out of the factory in March 2025, that would exceed my expectations. Maybe I will be taking delivery of my Cybertruck that same month.

  4. Tesla has learnt so much in building last few Giga Factories. This will help the buildout of Giga Mexico, particularly doing everting in parallel (building, prototype, machines and production line). The simplicity of the next generation may also speed up the process. Tom Zhu the right person to drive this effort.

  5. Can you do an episode on Tesla’s plan to build out super chargers in south America? I’m pretty a lot of EV owners would like to do an extended road trip there.

  6. Hi Dave, we are glad to see how active you have been sharing your valuable insights and thoughts about Tesla. We are all witnessing a great journey to a sustainable future that will require that humanity changes the narrative on how individuals should live together a future with abundance luring around the corner. Keep up this helpful effort!

  7. The number of supercharger stations is going to have to be incorporated into the build up so expect an expansion at the current site and or a new site to introduce networks in North and South America.

  8. Dave, what do you think about the possibility that Tesla would consider a new model to address the key topic discussed at recent Investors Day event (Affordability)? Maybe let’s call it Model P (for People‘s Tesla.) Price at $30,000 or less, for 4 persons, basic electric commuter car, with range of 250 miles (with one charge for a week commute, based on average daily commuter distance of 41 miles). Really appreciate your videos with informative and insightful perspectives.

  9. Thanks Dave! 2023-2024 seems to be the time of the Cybertruck and energy ramp and then late 2024-2025 the production of the next gen vehicle. Oh and maybe FSD 😊

  10. There was a part of the statement people missed with Tom Zhu.When asked,will the factory have a paint shop or stainless steel?Tom said:Paint is expensive.

  11. Thanks again Dave. Say what you have to say, and that’s it. I also am so grateful for no advertisements in the middle of your presentation!

  12. Thanks for sticking to the idea of affordability and desirability of their customers!! Good business strategy and also good for the environment.

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