Tesla’s Optimus Robot will change the world forever – AI Day Reaction (Ep. 370)

What's your take on the Tesla Optimus humanoid robot? Impressed or not?

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Tesla's Optimus Robot will change the world forever – AI Day Reaction (Ep. 370)

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  1. Who cares about the stock today? I am balls deep on TSLA for a decade. Also, who thinks Tesla bot is not amazing? From a locomotion standpoint, in six months, they are breathing down Boston Dynamic’s (BD) decades old neck? And that is the easy part. Did you not see how the bot views it’s environment? Has anyone else, including BD, shown how their bot sees the world? I had goosebumps when I saw what it could do and see. This was sick and nearly made me feel sick.

  2. The goals of efficiency, and cost of manufacture through vertical integration, combined with a low power hw4 computer chip running software developed in parallel to the FSD software, has all of the ingredients for an epic lead and eventually win.

    Getting the all electric linear actuators to be fast and durable enough may take some iterations, but in the end will be a big advantage over Boston Dynamics heavy, and power hungry, hydraulic system.

  3. Boston Dynamics Atlas robot has been in development for almost a decade. It can walk and dance better than Optimus for now but it is no where near as smart. Tesla’s team is simply amazing to come this far in less than a year time. Just simply AMAZING!

    1. Boston Dynamics Robot does not think about what to do… it is pre programed in a pre mapped environment. Tesla has the true lead in what matters here. Many companies have built a walking robot and Boston Dynamics has been the best so far.

    2. @Cheyne Best Exactly. All these h8ter don’t understand the AI potential and capability in Optimus. And given the 1-2hrs battery life in these “other” robot makes them pretty much worthless for any real world task. In the end, those are just a fancy dancing toy compare to Tesla’s Optimus.

    3. That’s the thing. Boston Dynamics Atlas has been in development for a decade. Optimus has been in development for like 8 months. In 5 years Atlas will look like a toy in comparison to what Tesla will have

    4. @Adrian K nonsense!!!! The tesla bot was made using components that have been developed over the decades stop talking nonsense dumb dumb!

    5. @Adrian K did is making cars yes but did they invent the brakes!? The tires!? Paint? Assembly line!? Supply chain!? ABS? TPMS!? why are you impressed by the dumbest little thing?

  4. I think many investors are overly focused on how the stock will perform on Mon -but honestly I don’t care even though I am heavily invested in Tesla stock. I was blown away by the bot and did not expect that much progress -even as someone who follows the company closely. I felt like the bot that walked out on that stage was “alive” taking it’s first hesitant/uncertain steps -knowing it had a task to perform

    1. I was thinking the stock is not going to perform well on Monday because people will not understand what is going on with Tesla.

    2. @Lilly Gordon But Q3 delivery numbers on Sunday should be excellent and have huge impact on Monday imho?

    3. Hell, I get a dopamine rush just thinking about the $TSLA gains and productivity gains for manufacturing, generally. Today, we buy things for almost nothing that only KINGS/QUEENS could get 100 years ago. I expect similar changes in 20 years, based on Optimus’ proliferation.

  5. The big difference between this robot and cars is the robot is indispensable, a matter of National security (a money pump). So in my opinion, the production of this will be on an order of magnitude faster than evs.

  6. Optimus is to Tesla FSD as Starlink is to SpaceX. While a natural marketing extension of technology breakthroughs (thinking cars, reusable rockets enabling low cost to orbit), Optimus, like Starlink, is 1-2 orders of magnitude larger addressable market than the original product. We’ve seen this movie before.

  7. As long time Tesla investor, this is a game changer as Tesla has made great strides in the development of Optimus.. it’s the vision & implementation of this plan that has impressed me… what you’ll see in the next 5-6 years will be breathtaking.. What company on earth would undertake such a bold endeavor.. this is a great time to be alive..☺️👽🤖⚡️🤖🧠🤯🤖👽☀️🌏⚡️

    1. There was zero problem solving demonstrated and it’s power consumption is 30 times that of human calories. Do you not understand the basics

  8. it will take time, but I think it will go fast in the use of Tesla Factories. But I was very impressed and I am sure Elon could have shown more abilities but I guess it is better to start slow with presentations. The opposition will come soon, with bad press and FUD. Not everything is good for some eyes. Elon was nervous and he said shareholders will decide, to keep his ambitions in check.

  9. My take is that OS does not need to be much more advanced than it already is to be useful. I would think that OS would be trained for very specific applications like installing seats on a structural battery pack (like solving the FSD edge cases). Teams of engineers/programmers are likely assigned to solve/meet training needs. Bulk training done in simulator, with sensor data from humans performing the specific task in a deliberate manner to supplement. I see this like crawling before you can walk. But I think the ability of OS to complete a task faster and more accurately than a human will be achieved very quickly. Faster than we may believe possible. Tesla will keep plugging away, adding new task-specific bots, until the entire production line is as automated and efficient as possible. And the data flywheel just keeps spinning. The goal is to reach sustainable energy as quick as possible. The lower the cost, the faster the adoption. Reducing labor costs while increasing output will result in the lowest per unit cost. I think leveraging the Tesla Bot to reduce labor costs in all areas will optimize the rate of transition to sustainable energy.

  10. I also have no idea how long it will take to “build[ing] an able body and useful brain,” but not because I think that milestone “depends a lot on [unspecified] breakthroughs in AI.” Rather, the milestone doesn’t pass the clarity test. I bet Tesla is pretty clear about what that milestone looks like for their internal use of the bot in vehicle and or battery production.

  11. Imagine he actually brings out Optimus for 20k.. Half the YouTubers will get one. some will mod it and even make it better. It will learn from each person, then send the info over the internet then they all learn and get better.. that’s insane.

  12. Dave like you said Elon has done this before. AI day was to recruit for the different teams. I would seek help from Sandy Monroe too. Single purpose robots exist, it’s the brain that is going to make the difference. Elon learned how to develop FSD. He knows what to do and what is needed to do it. Tesla will use these Robots in their plants. This is the first big reward. Once Robots are “released into the wild” there will be feedback and software engineers are going to develop capabilities. Elon wants this to happen much faster than FSD. It can happen faster with enough software engineers. Once a robot line is built, lines can be built at all Giga Factories. The vehicle lines will also change to adapt to the robots. Once head count is reduced at factories new lines can be built where employees cars parked.

  13. This is (seemingly) about where the original Tesla Roadster was in the mid-2000’s. HOWEVER, this will NOT take as long, I think, to dominate the market. My gut says Optimus will dominate like the Model Y in HALF the time it took to go from Roadster to Model Y. 2028, 2029 at latest before we see hundreds of thousands of Optimus robots working. GAME ON.

  14. “I was surprised that people do not realize the magnitude of the Optimus robot program. The importance of Optimus will become apparent in the coming years. Those who are insightful or who listen carefully will understand that Optimus ultimately will be worth more than the car business and worth more than full self-driving, that’s my firm belief” – Elon Musk Q1 2022 earnings call

  15. Dave you’re 100% right my dad went to school with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak he could not see the potential of the Apple computer he thought nobody would be able to afford to buy it boy was he wrong

  16. If it’s mainly a question of the brains, I think we might see a useful robot sooner than people think. Tesla’s AI department may be industry leading, but the field of AI itself is also progressing at breakneck speeds, more than most people realize.

  17. I appreciate your dedication, research, methodology, curiosity, thoroughness and quality of presentation. It’s probably unrivaled on YouTube, no matter the field. Thanks, Dave.

  18. My advice to new investors: Buy good companies stocks and hold them as long as they are good companies. Just do this and ignore the forecasts and market views which are at best entertaining but completely useless

    1. No she’s not!…You can just put her name on google and you will be directed to her website and drop her your message.

    2. after a careful review of tesla’s ai day, and the commentary by dave and others, this is my opinion of the future of optimus and it’s impact on tesla stock: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  19. One thing that being missed with Optimus when it’s developed to be good enough for use in households is it will likely not be necessary to purchase one outright for a home. Just like RoboTaxi is intended to make transportation more accessible by replacing a vehicle that spends most of the day parked by a vehicle accessible on demand, Optimus for households need not spend all their time in a single household, inactive most of the day but can be available on demand when needed in any specific household, thereby significantly reducing the cost to a household just like RoboTaxi will do for their vehicles. The analogy here is having a full time live-in maid versus hiring a cleaning service when needed.

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