Tesla’s new $25,000 car – What to Expect w/ John Gibbs (Ep. 697)

I'm joined by John Gibbs as we go over possible designs for Tesla's upcoming next-generation vehicle platform, FSD Beta v11, possible Robotaxi rollout, and Tesla AI.

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Tesla’s new $25,000 car – What to Expect w/ John Gibbs (Ep. 697)

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    1. Ditto. I’m starting to get weary of them. I’m supposed to be rich from my stock by now, but that hasn’t worked out too well. Also, I have a couple of Tesla’s and there’s nothing I don’t already know about them and their features. I need to get a life!

  1. Interesting concept, but I’m not convinced. Rear facing seats 🤢(motion sickness) and no storage for luggage. Storage areas are also very important crumple zones. Tesla will not make an unsafe car.

  2. 100 % FSD is like dark matter, you know it is there, you just don’t know where because it is very obscure and hard to see.

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