Tesla’s most ambitious project yet (Ep. 634)

Tesla's next big thing being available in 2024?

A Tesla executive laid out the business's next 5 years at an invite-only conference:

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Tesla’s most ambitious project yet (Ep. 634)

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  1. Dave is a wealth of knowledge , like an older brother who is always seen as the better one in the eyes of your parents

  2. Thanks Dave. Munro and associates believe robotaxi will be made out of wood. Balsa wood I believe. No more car accidents.. 100% renewable and abundant

  3. Elon said all this on Q1 call: ”So, we’re also working on a new vehicle that I alluded to at the Giga Texas opening, which is a dedicated robotaxi. That’s highly optimized for autonomy, meaning it would not have steering wheel or pedals. And there are a number of other innovations around it that I think are quite exciting. That is fundamentally optimized for — trying to achieve the lowest fully considered cost per mile or cost per kilometer, accounting everything. And so, it’s, I think, going to be a very powerful product where we aspire to reach volume production of that in 2024. ”

  4. A compact and reasonably priced solar powered cybercar which is legal in Europe would be selling like sliced bread

  5. Thanks Dave, but all of this assumes that FSD will be solved and solved quickly. I would like to see an honest debate between both sides. It does seem like the more FSD learns the more it needs to learn. Also, how much of RoboTaxi is built into the current stock price?

  6. If they just have one robotaxi platform it needs to be accessible and able to carry a variety of passengers including large families, people in wheelchairs and those at the extremes of size comfortably. This means larger than the ‘model 2’ that many theorised at battery day. It will be interesting to see what trade offs they make to fit it all into one model.

  7. Tesla’s affordable car and robotaxi will be design and production masterpieces. The Margin and scale of production are going to shock everyone. They don’t even need them right now either. Between model Y, Cybertruck, Semi and Roadster they are going to be in a production deficit for the foreseeable future. Demand is going to far outstrip production for years.

  8. Excellent episode Dave. All those analysts can’t really break out of their traditional thinking. They really should watch this to understand what Tesla means.

  9. I’m very skeptical of the Robotaxi platform being a global success. It’ll work great in the US, Canada, Japan, South Korea and Western Europe. But you get anywhere else in the world and it’s just not going to work.

  10. Really great summary! Thanks!
    It makes perfect sense to combine the 25k car with robotaxi. Tesla’s future is exciting!

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